Hybrid office solutions for business

We help companies find the best workspaces and tools to manage their shared office & remote teams. We improve their hybrid office model to maximize savings & performance.

Trust your team to work from anywhere

We make your business flexible

FLYDESK designs flexible work solutions giving greater control to organizations operating shared office space and remote teams. Trust our experts and learn how to trust your flexible and remote teams.


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Flexible work transformation


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Flexible office search & design


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Flexible office & team management

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Enable flexible work for your team

Expertise to build a flexible work model

FLYDESK helps you shape your digital culture by identifying the workspace and management solutions to better implement your flexible work policy.

Flexible office space tailored to your business

FLYDESK finds the best flexible workspaces, from shared office spaces operated by our partners to the design of your custom office space for your flexible team.

Trust your team regardless of location or time zone

FLYDESK enables team members to track their working hours and locations to facilitate your shared office space management and get visibility on your remote teams.

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Remote & hybrid work technology

FLYDESK develops applications to support businesses in their flexible work journey.


Workspace credits

Give your team access to a global network of coworking spaces with FLYDESK Credits. Choose the workspace partner that fits your preference then negotiate exclusive rates for your teammates.

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App integrations

Synchronize your work plans, bookings & presence between FLYDESK and any third-party App: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Bamboo HR, Work Day and more

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shared office & remote teams

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Design your flexible office

Turn your office into a shared workspace to minimize your costs and stimulate interactions in your teams.

  • Office search
  • Office design
  • Office technology

Get support from our Experts to bring flexibility into your office and team management within your budget.

Flex office transformation (1)

Flexible work benefits for your business

Cost savings

Reduced costs related to office space rental, equipment, recruitment charges, travel expenses and optimize your workforce salary.

People satisfaction

Time optimization with less time in transport, employee happiness and better health due to lower stress levels, increased loyalty and team positive spirit.

Business performance

Increased productivity and working hours, accelerated talent acquisition with access to a global pool of talents and skills, creativity and motivation are boosted.