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Best coworking spaces in Paris

With lockdowns slowly easing in Paris as people have adapted to the current situation with COVID-19, coworking spaces provide an excellent opportunity for businesses. After all, if it’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it’s that flexible work is a must – and coworking spaces provide just that. They allow you to stay home when the risk of catching the virus is high, but also ensure you have a good working space when you need it. While you can work from anywhere, coworking spaces are especially useful for remote workers or those who are working from home who require a proper workspace free of distractions.

While some may be concerned about using shared office spaces given the current climate, coworking spaces and flexible offices for rent will actually be held to a higher standard than private offices as they will need to ensure the safety of all their clients. Of course, you will still need to do your part to limit transmission – for more information, you can explore our article on how to limit transmission of COVID-19 in the workspace.

In this article, we’ll look at the best coworking spaces in Paris so you can decide which one is the perfect one for you.



With three locations in Paris, The Bureau has established itself as a high-quality, sophisticated, luxurious coworking space. All three locations boast gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower, and tasteful, elegant interiors designed by the Socialite Family to stimulate creativity while facilitating productivity, focus and collaboration.


Coworking spaces start at 475 per month, and additional benefits such as a locker and a registered business address can be purchased for 30€ and 50€ per month respectively.

Dedicated desks start at 725€ per month while private offices start at 1990€ per month, and additional benefits such as a parking space can be purchased for 300€ per month while meeting room access will only cost 10€/h.

Why The Bureau:

Collaboration is key to success – and The Bureau facilitates that by bringing together a close-knit network of creative entrepreneurs, high-performing professionals, and cultural innovators. They also provide members with an array of additional perks, including restaurants, cafes, 24/7 gyms, wellness areas, concierge services and more. Plus, they regularly organize events such as wine-tastings, talks, art exhibitions, etc, giving you the perfect opportunity to socialize, network and learn something new!

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Morning Coworking


With 22 coworking spaces spread all over Paris, Morning Coworking promotes a different and new type of working – one that is guaranteed to help you have a good workday. Their coworking spaces are fully equipped with high-quality ergonomic furniture as well as all the facilities and supplies you’ll need to have a productive workday. Plus, their team will work hard to help you tailor your workspace to best support your team.


Coworking spaces start from 300/month while private offices start from 650€ per person per month. They also offer personalized private offices – although you’ll have to contact them directly to get a quote. Meeting rooms start from 50€/h while event spaces start from 150€/h.

Why Morning Coworking:

It’s not all about work at Morning Coworking – their coworking spaces have plenty of places to relax too! With amenities like a coffee bar, a nap room, recreational and chill-out areas, and even a gym, they’ve got lots of options for you for when you need a break from work. They also have floor managers who will be happy to assist you with all your needs or introduce you to like-minded individuals. Plus, they regularly organize events such as breakfasts, talks, sports classes and more to build a sense of community.

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With eight locations in Paris, Wojo’s coworking spaces are ideal for everyone. Whether you’re a freelancer, or part of a startup or business, you’re sure to find the perfect workspace. In addition to the regular desks and private offices, they also have “Wojo Spots” which external workspaces that they provide on-demand – a great option for remote workers and digital nomads. 


Coworking spaces start from 25€/day or 200€/month. You can also opt for a part-time membership which starts at 120€/month or 10€/day for 12 days. 

Private offices start from 460€/month while meeting rooms start from 15€/hour. 

You can also sign up for Wojo membership which only costs 9.90€/month while giving you access to a variety of benefits, including a 20% discount on coworking spaces, access to specific services such as gyms, parking, restaurants etc at their partnered locations and more! 

Why Wojo:

Wojo regularly schedules events that build a sense of community and gives you the perfect opportunity to socialize and network. They also have a digital community app that allows you to stay connected both with them and your coworking neighbours. Their app also helps you look for and reserve Wojo Spots near you, recommends good deals, gives you exclusive benefits with their 30+ partners and more!

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With 19 coworking spaces in Paris, WeWork certainly has something for everyone. Whether you’d like a place with a view in a quieter part of the city, or one that’s right in the middle of the action with plenty of dining and entertainment options around, they’ve got you covered. All their locations are vibrantly decorated with kitschy art adorning the walls and workspaces filled with natural light – certain to perk you up and get those creative juices flowing each and every day.


Coworking spaces start from 470 per month, and mail and package handling services can be purchased for an additional 44€ per month.

Dedicated desks start from 630€ per month, while private offices start from 4970€ per month for an office that can seat 7 people.

Why WeWork:

At WeWork Lafayette, one of their best locations, WeWork offers a wide range of amenities in addition to workspaces and office equipment, such as parking spaces, event spaces, access to a fitness centre, on-site espresso bars, baristas and even recreational games for when you need a break from work. Plus, they have plenty of outdoor space, including balconies and rooftops, so you can get some fresh air and relax. They also regularly organize professional and social events – including virtual ones due to the current pandemic – so you’ll have lots of opportunities to socialize with like-minded people!

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Kwerk offers a brand new way of working – with an innovative interior design that combines elements from various places around the world including Indonesia, America, India, Western Africa and more, it’s certain to spark creativity in you. With five locations across Paris – four of which are concentrated in some of the busiest areas – this vibrant, colourful coworking space is definitely one of the most unique ones out there.  


A coworking space starts from 405 per month, while a dedicated desk starts from 600€ per month and a private office starts from 770€ per person per month.

They also offer meeting and event spaces starting from 85€ per person for a standard room, 135€ per person for outdoor spaces such as the terrace or rooftop, or 150€ per person to enjoy exclusive use of those spaces.

Why Kwerk:

Members of Kwerk get to enjoy a wide variety of benefits, including access to meeting rooms and telephone booths, complimentary Ayurvedic coffee, tea and infusions, daily mail delivery, bicycle parking and more. All offices are equipped with high-quality therapeutic and ergonomic furniture to keep you as comfortable as possible while you work. They also organize plenty of events for networking and socializing, and have the KwerkwellTM programme where they hold yoga, pilates, cardio, meditation and other such classes to keep your stress levels low.

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More than spaces to work, spaces to succeed – that’s the motto of Deskopolitan, a premium coworking space that has two locations in Paris. They offer a variety of services to cater to your ever need, including on-site restaurants, barbershops and nail bars, gardens, and more! With vibrant, colourful workspaces decorated with carefully selected pieces of art, it’s guaranteed to inspire creativity in you and perk you up as you enter their doors each morning.


For their Château d’Eau location,    coworking spaces start from 580/month while a private office that seats four people starts from 850€ per person per month. Meeting rooms start from 20€/h or 140€/day.

For their Voltaire location, which offers more perks than the previous one, they offer three plans for coworking spaces: 5€/h, 30€/day, and 600€/month. Private offices which seat one or two people start from 800€ per person per month. Note that only the monthly memberships enable you to access additional services such as printing credits, 24/7 access, etc. Meeting rooms start at 25€/h or 175€/day.

Why Deskopolitan:

In addition to comfortable, spacious workspaces and fully equipped meeting rooms, Deskopolitan offers a wide range of services to cater to your every need. This means that all you need to do is show up – they’ll take care of the rest! They also foster a wonderful community of talented individuals and give you excellent opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals. Whether you’re having a chat in the common areas, attending their Monday Open Breakfasts, or socializing and networking at their many regularly scheduled events, you’ll certainly feel like part of a community. They also have relaxation and yoga rooms so you can destress after a long day of work.

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So, there you have it – the top coworking spaces selection in Paris that are certain to inspire! If you’re interested in booking a coworking space, explore all Parisian workspace options on FLYDESK Paris Workspace.


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