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Generate a custom flexible work policy template for your organization

You are ready to make a change for your team by offering them a new way of work with more flexibility. Following this link Flexible Work Policy Template generator will allow you to generate a Flexible Work Policy Template based on the terms you would like to implement and that are well suited to your business requirements.

Flexible Work Policy Template generator

Flexible Work Policy Template Generator

If you are unsure about the terms your business should consider for its Flexible Work Policy, you should first take a moment to review our diagnosis tool that will guide you step-by-step to define the best terms for a flexible work model customized for your business.

Once you have received your Flexible Work Policy template, take time to review and amend the document to ensure a perfect alignment with your objectives and processes in place. Then communicate this policy, present and explain it to your employees in order to inform them of their rights and obligations to benefit from flexible work conditions and to ensure that those conditions are managed with fairness and respecting local regulations.

FLYDESK is shaping the future of work with more flexibility. For more support in implementing your flexible work model, managing your distributed teams or making your next office move, please get in touch with us.

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