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The best meeting & phone booth manufacturers in Europe

Following our previous article released in February this year about phone booths and meeting pods which was a hit among our readers, this article is a second edition focusing on European manufacturers. After all, with workspaces evolving and the rising trend of flexible working, having a private space within the workplace is becoming very trendy among open space offices and coworking spaces. They optimise space, offer privacy and contribute to the noise reduction in your open space. Not only that, some of them are also easy to assemble and disassemble – offering you opportunities to customise without incurring the extra renovation costs!

Stick around until the end to find out what options FLYDESK has to offer for your pod needs.


MEAVO, the London-based innovative start-up is the first in the UK to introduce stylish, high quality, customisable yet affordable acoustic phone booths and meeting pods – designed for co-working and open-plan office spaces.
The booths are available in any colour and were designed to complement the interior of any office space or brand colour scheme. Moreover, helping combat global warming is part of the company’s mission. The acoustic felt in each phone booth contains over 800 recycled plastic bottles. In addition, MEAVO plants 50 trees in Madagascar and donates 2 solar lamps to families in Zambia for each office phone booth or meeting pod sold. This makes MEAVO the most eco-friendly, customizable and affordable office pod on the market.
MEAVO has showrooms in the UK (London), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, Neu-Ulm and Dresden), France (Paris, Toulouse), Austria (Vienna), Denmark (Copenhagen), and Bulgaria (Sofia) with more cities being added to this list soon. Their phone booths and meeting pods can be delivered to your office, wherever you are in Europe or in the UK!


2. Mute Labs

Mute Labs is a German-based manufacturer offering room-in-room solutions that are cost-effective and easy to set up. They offer two kinds of booths – SOLO, which is a phone booth that is perfect for one, and QUATRO which is a meeting pod that fits up to 4 people. The best thing about these booths is that they are well-ventilated, so you can even spend your whole day in it if you wish!

With a vision to make people’s work lives a bit easier, their selling point is offering affordable solutions for businesses to curate their own flexible workspaces. That being said, the only downside would be the lack of the option to customise the booths, however they do allow for it with bulk orders.

Mute Labs has twenty showrooms across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy. If you are unable to physically check out their showrooms, fret not! You can even book a virtual demo with one of their experts. They offer free delivery within Germany, but they also deliver to Belgium, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland!




Founded in 1993 by two friends, MDD is one of the largest Polish office manufacturers, specialising in producing quality office furniture, which includes private booths to set up at workspaces.

They offer four different kinds of office booths:

• Hako – private pod that is perfect for one person
• Hako meeting – can be used as a large phone booth, or a meeting space that can host up to four people
• Hako XL – a spacious soundproof pod that can host up to six people
• Hana – a compact phone booth perfect for one person

With a good variety to choose from, you can even proceed to pick out furniture to place in the booth from MDD! MDD has a huge selection of contemporary office furniture tailored to suit a wide range of needs.

MDD’s headquarters is located in Sępólno Krajeńskie, in the northwest of Poland. The award-winning company is well connected globally and has over 64 export partners all over the world!


4.Into the Nordic Silence

Into the Nordic Silence

Into the Nordic Silence is a Finnish office furniture manufacturing company whose concept is to be the solution to the problem of various distractions in open-concept offices and educational environments due to a lack of support facilities.

They offer a variety of solutions for different office space needs, and this includes meeting pods and phone booths that can be incorporated into flex spaces. They have Pods of various size options to choose from, with maximum capacity ranging from one person to up to 8 people! All Pods are designed for privacy with sound pollution kept to a minimum, they are also ventilated and ensure comfort for users to use for a longer period of time. Another bonus is that you can customise the interiors of the Pod with their ready made packages, or even add-on options such as wheelchair ramp, and Pod Panels.

Into the Nordic has over 50 dealers and distributors across the EU, UK and USA where their products are on display at showrooms. They also deliver globally, so if you are considering trying out their products, you can contact them to find a distributor near you!


5. Module Solutions

Module Solutions pods

Module is a brand under the Finnish manufacturer Muotolevy. Muotolevy has been over designing and implementing soundproof wall systems and ceilings for workspaces for over 30 years. Drawing on their expertise and pool of knowledge, Module pods are manufactured to offer a quality experience and optimise efficiency at work.

Module has three kinds of Pods in their Module Collection – Solo, Duo and Team. Solo is a phone booth that accommodates one person, Duo is a meeting room that accommodates up to two people, whereas Team is a meeting room that can host up to four people. All pods can be customised in terms of exterior and interior wall colour as well as the model type (except for Solo). They also have the Module Hygiene Collection equipped with an automatic UV-C disinfection system that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the space – including the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus – within five minutes, which is extremely useful during the pandemic period. In the Module Hygiene Collection, there are two types of pods, hDuo and hTeam.

Module Solutions have showrooms in Finland and Sweden, but you can check out their products virtually as well.


6. Mute Design

Mute design pods

Mute Design is a specialist in interior acoustics creating solutions that combine top acoustic performance and timeless design. Using their in-house sound lab to ensure quality product performance, they place heavy emphasis in using the mechanism of sound and optimise it to best suit a work environment. In addition, they have implemented sustainable methods and operations in doing their part for the environment – being eco-friendly!

The Mute Pods comes in 4 sizes – Space S, Space M, Space L and Space XL, and depending on the size, the Pod can host up to 6 people. Features of these Mute Pods include Whiteboard Paint on the exterior making it more functional, the ability to configure light and ventilation within the Pod, and optimal level of sound insulation designed by their in-house sound experts.

Mute Design has showrooms across Europe and the UK. You can also explore their Pod designs through their interactive online Pod configurator!


7. Silen Space Pods

Silen Space pods

Silen is an Estonian-based manufacturer that produces unique Silen Pods that cater to the various needs of those planning out their flex office spaces.

Their phone booths and meeting pods are highly customisable and come with an array of features. The Silen Space Pods comes in four sizes – accommodating between one to six people – and you can actually customise the door handle placement, the colours of the interiors and the exterior, as well as the colour of the door frame. You can even customise the furniture package that will be placed inside the Pods as well.

Silen has dealers and distributors all over the world including Europe, America, Asia and Australia – so you can feel free to check out their website to see if there is one near you!


8. TUP

TUP pods

Established in 2019, TUP is a niche phone booth manufacturer based in Holland with the sole vision of creating The Ultimate Pod (TUP) as a solution for workplace needs.
TUP is the phone booth to have a private space within your workplace, and it is great for taking up calls, video conferences or just as a quiet space to focus on your work. The Phone Booth only accommodates one person and comes in two different colours – Ivory and Ink.

The best part about TUP is that they provide free delivery within the EU, and the assembly and mobility of the Pod is easy to manage!


9. Persy Booths

Persy booths pod

Persy Booths is a German company founded by two young professionals who wanted to provide affordable options for businesses to include private spaces within their modern flex office spaces. Currently, they offer two products – Persy ONE Phone Booth and Persy FOUR Meeting Booth.

Persy ONE Phone Booth is a phone booth designed to fit one person, with motion activated lights and ventilation and can be customised in size to fit in your office space. Persy FOUR Meeting Booth is a meeting pod that is perfect to accommodate up to four people, with numerous features including motion sensor for lights and ventilation, power sockets and USB ports and five layers of soundproofing to ensure a quiet space for you to focus on your work.

Persy Booths has a showroom in Germany, and they also offer free curbside delivery to all of the continental EU!


10. Koplus

Koplus pods

Founded in The Netherlands, Koplus is an office furniture manufacturing company established in 2009. They offer an array of products in their Booths, Desks and Chairs collections.

Under their Booths collection, they have Kolo Solo – a solo single phone booth, Kolo Midi – a slightly larger booth fit for one that contains an individual deskspace, Kolo Duo – a meeting pod for two, and Milli – a workspace perfect for one unique to Koplus. All their booths can be customised in terms of their interior and exterior colours, flooring, door orientation and door locks. They also come with a variety of features including ventilation, charging stations, seismic kit, sound insulation and more.

Currently Koplus has offices in both The Netherlands and the UK. Find out more about their products on their website!


Phone booths and meeting pods are going to become the new norm in coworking spaces, private offices and even in public places such as airports and malls as a solution to find a quiet space to work at.

Having an office phone booth in your workplace can lower down stress levels and can bring a sense of wellbeing. We feel more free and confident when private conversations are not overheard by our colleagues or when we have an option to leave the noise behind. Let FLYDESK help you find the right phone and meeting booths that suit your needs.

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