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Native Union x FLYDESK believe that advancements in tech, coupled with a new generation of professionals craving more say in their lives, will shift our needs in work and life with an inevitable movement towards more balance and flexibility.

Exclusive Native Union Kits

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Fly kit

Stow Organizer

Jump+ Wireless Powerbank

Belt Universal
A mobile set-up that moves with you wherever you are, filled with on-the-go solutions to enable productivity and keep you connected from anywhere.
HKD$900valued $1,550

Desk kit

Smart Hub PD 45W

Belt Cable Pro

Dock Wireless Charger
Powerful, refined tools blending performance and style, with PD support for the fastest charge ever and sleek designs that'll complement any workspace.
HKD$780valued $1,330

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Igor Duc Founder @ Native Union

“With Native Union acting as the body and FLYDESK as the brain, I see the true modern working lifestyle taking form.“

JB pimenta de miranda Founder @ FLYDESK

“Work is not a place anymore, it’s everywhere. Together with Native Union, we hope to bring the future of work closer.”

Unlock the Future of Work

Unlock the
Future of Work