Coworking 840 Flight Forum

Coworking kontor
840 Flight ForumEindhoven
 Tuesday: Open 24 hours 
Mandag: Åpent 24 timer i døgnetTirsdag: DøgnåpentOnsdag: DøgnåpentTorsdag: DøgnåpentFredag: DøgnåpentLørdag: DøgnåpentSøndag: Åpent 24 timer i døgnet




Business Card (Blue Card)

1 pax
180.29 EUR/ månedVeiledende prissetting
Business hours access. 10 times access to any Tribes location valid for 1 year.
180.29 EUR/ månedVeiledende prissetting

Private Desk

1 pax
399 EUR/ månedVeiledende prissetting
24/7 access and security. Chamber of Commerce registration. Cleaning and utilities such as gas, water and electricity included. Dedicated phone line with reception support and access to all common spaces.
399 EUR/ månedVeiledende prissetting

Egendefinert forespørsel

Hvis du har en forespørsel om et spesielt arrangement, vennligst kontakt oss, så hjelper vi deg best mulig.


  • 24/7 for medlemmer
  • Air condition
  • Business concierge
  • Designet interiør
  • Gratis te og kaffe
  • Gym
  • Høyhastighets internett
  • Posthåndtering
  • Personal concierge
  • Skrive ut
  • Resepsjonist
  • Restaurant
  • Selvbetjent pantry
  • Velværerom
  • Wifi internett
Inspired by the Masai tribes of Africa, this FLYDESK coworking at Eindhoven Airport weaves warm, earthy tones in with vibrant splashes of colour to create an energizing environment certain to get those creative juices flowing. Whether you need a private office or desk, they’ve got you covered. They also have conference rooms equipped with the latest technologies and beautifully decorated meeting rooms to facilitate a range of productive discussions. With plenty of additional perks, including top-quality rest and relaxation areas for you to recharge or socialize in, they’ve thought of everything. Plus, if you opt for a community card membership, you’ll get access to all their facilities worldwide.

Tribes Eindhoven Airport