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8% discount for a 3 months subscription.

Neoma provides Gaia Office- an AI-driven subscription SaaS platform that offers office space optimization solutions, real time office attendance tracking, employees experience enhancement through company’s mobile app and anonymous Covid-19 tracking. Together with FLYDESK we provide a range of services to effectively manage a transition from the traditional workplace to hybrid, employees location tracking, employees app journey personalization and other services.

Neoma combines proprietary cloud-based AI technology with leading-edge location services to empower businesses. From hospitality to residential, retail to wellness, we help businesses leverage the power of location-based data in real-time, delivering better customer experiences and more efficient operations.

Neoma offers

8% discount for a 3 months subscription.
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We are offering 8% discount for a 3 months subscription for any service we are partnering on with Flydesk:
– seat utilization solution
– employee journey mapping
– predictive office attendance
– COVID-19 tracing
– personalised employee journey on the app
– visitor management
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Yulia  Protasova

Segment Director for Gaia Office and Commercial @ Neoma

“ With Gaia Office you will be able to get a full insight into your office space usage, real time and predictive office attendance, based on AI technology".