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A step-by-step tool to build your flexible work model for your employees

This Flexible Work Diagnosis tool will help businesses generate a custom flexible work model by simply answering a short survey and an optional survey for the employees to consolidate expectations.

After submitting the survey, FLYDESK will send you a custom Flexible Work Diagnosis Report for free advising on the best flexible work options adapted to your business.

Flexible work transformation journey

Technology evolution has brought more mobility into our work life, allowing many roles or functions to be executed from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, the concept of flexible work became more than a trend, but the preferred model of work allowing people to work from home, from a coworking space, from the office, from a cafe or on the move. As well as to choose their working hours or even the equipment they need to perform better at their job.

Also, more flexibility at work contributes to a better work-life balance for employees and results in more productivity at work when implemented correctly. With this in mind, FLYDESK has built 3 steps solutions to help businesses put in place an effective remote and flexible work model:

  1. Transformation strategy: consulting to implement your flexible work policy
  2. Team management: management tools for efficiency and visibility
  3. Workspace management: design aligned with your organization
3-step flexible work journey

This article below focuses on the first step of the journey (Transformation strategy), aiming at the implementation of a Flexible Work Policy after going through a diagnosis of your business and your employee satisfaction in order to design the best path towards the implementation of flexibility at work.

Flexible work diagnosis methodology

Transformation diagnosis methodology

The diagnosis is built following a precise methodology that combines the results of your leadership readiness to move towards flexible work, the aspiration of your people to benefit from that flexibility and the definition of a FLYDESK Flex Model (see next paragraph) to your business requirements.

Every business is unique (operations, organization, industry…) and requires the creation of a custom flexible work policy in order to implement flexible work progressively and successfully. To facilitate the choice of flexible work terms within a policy, FLYDESK has defined 3 Flex Models that businesses can refer to:

  • Controlled Flex: Introduce flexibility with 1 day from anywhere per week, 1-hour flexibility in working hours or allow people to sometimes use personal device for work.
  • Hybrid Flex: Balance evenly flexibility and traditional work practices with 2 to 3 days from anywhere per week, 2 to 3 hours flexibility in working hours or Bring Your Own Device policy
  • Full Flex: Let people manage their work performance and implication in the company success by choosing freely when and how they want to work.
FLYDESK Flex Models

There are 3 axes of flexibility for which Flex Models can be adjusted according to your business specificity or readiness to embrace a change. Those 3 axes correspond to:

  • Flexible location: choose where you work
  • Flexible time: choose when you work
  • Flexible equipment: choose what device you work with

Flex Models could also vary within one organization, from one department, seniority, function or country to another but FLYDESK recommends following one main structure for the entire organization that can fit at least 80% of your employee base with exceptions on case by case basis. Don’t let exceptions prevent most of your team to benefit from more flexibility at work. Let managers and team members handle those exceptions with proper communication and transparency.

Flexible work diagnosis adapted to your business specificity

FLYDESK takes into consideration the specificity of your business to suggest a progressive model to implement flexible work. The size of your business and the policy you currently have in place will often have strong influence on how far you could go in terms of flexibility. Indeed, suddenly allowing Full Flex within a very large organization previously working in a traditional 9-to-5 office work model, will probably have the opposite effect in terms of productivity and company culture if the transition not handled progressively with proper training and tools to succeed.

FLYDESK Flex Models & business profile optimization

In addition to business profile, other factors influence the choice of policy to be implemented and FLYDESK Diagnosis tool considers all of them with attention when making a Flexible Work Policy proposal:

  • Business profile
  • Activity and industry
  • Role and function
  • Seniority and responsibility

Once your diagnosis survey is completed, you will receive a custom diagnosis report explaining about our methodology and making suggestions for a Flexible Work Policy adapted to your business. As part of the diagnosis, FLYDESK has developed a Cost Saving Calculator assessing how much your business could save annually from the implementation of a Flexible Work Policy.

The Cost Saving Calculator gives you an estimated cost saving projection organized in 4 categories based on the most recent surveys and researches assessing the cost benefits of flexible work. The 4 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) categories are:

  • Workspace savings
  • Employee retention savings
  • Productivity savings
  • Equipment savings
FLYDESK Diagnosis Report sample

In addition to Flexible Work KPIs, the implementation of a Flexible Work Policy will result in other benefits that are less measurable but none the less important:

  • Employee happiness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased skill reach
  • Reduced skill cost
  • Lower salary raise pressure
  • Office lease flexibility
  • And many more

Use your diagnosis to build your Flexible Work Policy

Don’t wait for your entire industry to make this change and be a pioneer in flexible work. Make the right move for your team by implementing a tailored Flexible Work Policy that will not only improve your business performance and savings but also increase your employee satisfaction and consequently retention. Start this journey by filling this survey to receive your custom diagnosis:

Once you have received your Flexible Work Diagnosis from FLYDESK, you can simply generate your flexible work policy using our Flexible Work Policy Template generator. Finally, communicate this Flexible Work Policy with your team and train them regularly to make this transformation a success.

FLYDESK is shaping the future of work with more flexibility. For more support in implementing your flexible work model, managing your distributed teams or making your next office move, please get in touch with us.

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