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FLYDESK Certified

FLYDESK certification

FLYDESK is a certification label that guarantees the quality of flexible workspace locations. We are the premium AirBnB for workspaces.

FLYDESK also develops applications empowering the community of flexible and remote professionals.

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FLYDESK believes in flexible work and work-life balance as a way of generating greater motivation, performance and loyalty within an organization.

At FLYDESK, we practice what we preach, applying the same values and organization principles to our own team as the ones we promote to our community of FLYDESKERS and partners.

FLYDESK has a multi-cultural team based in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines but we believe that work can be done from anywhere and at any time as long as we maintain a strong communication, trust each other and embrace a modern digital culture.

FLYDESK partners

FLYDESK gathers an ecosystem of partners facilitating flexible work and enabling work-life balance for a high-end community.
To ensure a premium and tailored service to our clients, we only work with brands that have specific focus on style, quality and comfort.

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