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How FLYDESK Credits works

FLYDESK Credits can be purchased instantly by credit card or via bank transfer to access the FLYDESK Workspace Network. Once purchased, you may book meeting rooms or desks available on demand within the FLYDESK Workspace Network. FLYDESK Workspace Partners marked by an  on the map and listing will offer discounts on meeting room and hot desk bookings made with FLYDESK Credits.

If you would like to book a workspace in a country accepting a different currency than the one you purchased your credits in, FLYDESK will convert the local amount into your local currency after including a 3% fee on the current currency exchange rate.

In case of workspace booking cancellation, credits used for the booking may be refunded depending on the conditions set by the workspace partner. Credits have no expiry date as long as you have a FLYDESK account and if you would like a refund of your credit balance to your bank account, we will hold a refund fee of 10% on the credit left plus any bank transfer fee.

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