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5 ways 2020 will reshape the workplace

These are the five ways 2020 will reshape the workplace and coworking spaces.


As social creatures, humans need to feel connected. There needs to be a sense of community. Online workers will use video conferencing software to have meetings and hangouts. They will live stream their meals to create the illusion that everyone is eating together regardless of physical location.

Flexible space

Remote work is here to stay. Companies have realized that they can save money on office space while maintaining productivity levels. Workers enjoy spending more time with friends and family. They save money on gas since they do not have to travel as much. Employees can also decrease food-related expenses since they can eat lunch at home. If convenient, groups can schedule meetups at a coworking space. The coworking space concept is a great alternative to working in a formal office environment. Flexible space in general will transform the way society functions.

Mental health

The pandemic has confirmed the importance of mental health awareness. Workers cannot be fully productive if they are stressed or depressed. As a result, companies will design office spaces to help treat some of these issues. There will be places where workers can take naps and have casual coffee chats with each other. Companies will host events where everyone can exercise and meditate. To combat the chatter often associated with open offices, companies will build soundproof rooms where employees can work in peaceful silence.


Plexiglass will be used to protect workers who regularly interact with customers. More security guards will also be hired to protect employees from individuals who cause scenes and destroy property. Companies will encourage workers to use their sick days. This will speed up the healing process and prevent other workers from getting sick. Maintenance workers will make sure bathrooms have soap and hand sanitizers.

Perceptions about office space and surfaces

People are now extremely aware of germs and their ability to wreak havoc on society. To prevent the spread of the virus, doctors and scientists have been telling the public to follow social distancing guidelines. These practices will continue even after most people complete their vaccinations and return to normal life. Office workers will be mindful of personal space and air quality. Companies will make sure their ventilation systems are updated to prevent their workers from getting sick. Also, people will be more aware of unsanitary surfaces. They will be reluctant to touch elevator buttons, doorknobs, and staircase railings. Handshakes and other social norms will be modified or eliminated.

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