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The 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Lyon

Lyon is often considered as the capital city of French gastronomy. Founded by the Romans over 2,000 year ago, you can seemingly travel back in time in this beautiful city.

At the same time, Lyon is also becoming a tech hub and is now regarded as one of the most innovative cities in Europe and second only to Paris when it comes to the startup life in France. The heavy student presence, coupled with a thriving digital community and government support, is helping Lyon rise up on the French startup map.

Good news is already coming from the city, with startups attracting big investments and making headlines. As a consequence, coworking spaces have grown tremendously since 2011 when the 1st coworking space was built. Facing its success, a large number of professionals have been interested in those workspaces and they have grown in every Lyon’s districts and neighbourhoods.

Let’s take a look at the best coworking spaces in Lyon this time!

1. Now Coworking

Now Coworking is one of the largest coworking spaces in Lyon – a space of more than 3000 metre squares hosting over 80 private or shared offices. It is located at Part-Dieu station and is accessible by both Bus & Metro stations.

Why Now Coworking

The workbars at Now Coworking face large bay windows where you are able to have a beautiful view of the city of Lyon. Imagine working with a view! With so many “co-workers” in the community, the shared spaces boasts of a well connected professional network which makes it possible to create strong synergies. Another unique factor about Now Coworking is how homely and comfortable they make it for the “co-workers” – such as having a Beauty Room and hairdressing services for a quick makeover saving time before you go out, and Kitchen to eat at work “just like at home”.


  • 24/7 access
  • Gym and Ping Pong Table
  • Beauty Room
  • Fully-equipped Kitchen
  • Relaxation lounges
  • Brainstorming rooms
  • Community and Events
  • Unlimited coffee, and many more!

Membership Price: from €49~ €219 monthly

2. L’Atelier des Médias

Description: This is a coworking space especially for creative professionals – located at 9 quai André Lassagne. It is made up of about 60 co-worker members, one third of which are web professionals. It is managed entirely by its volunteer members and without any financial support, other than a rental guarantee.

Why L’Atelier des Medias:

This is the perfect place to get in touch and network with fellow creative professionals if you are in that industry. It is a close knit community where each member is expected to contribute to maintaining the space. There are many creative and media-related events and workshops that might be useful for you as a creative professional (however, some of the activities have been put on halt due to the pandemic.)


  • Open space work rooms
  • Telephone booths
  • Common Lounge Area
  • Closed Lockers
  • Dartboard
  • Furnished Kitchen
  • Unlimited coffee & tea!

Membership Price: from €102 ~ 178.50 monthly

3. Ecoworking

Ecoworking is located at the city-centre at 27 rue Romarin. The chic interior is equipped with essential amenities. 

Why Ecoworking:

The main unique feature about Ecoworking is the eco-friendly approach to providing the workspace. It is a perfect blend of bringing together like minded professionals in one hub and at the same time raising awareness and educating the community to be more eco-friendly and choose sustainable approaches. For example, they encourage members to use bicycles as their mode of transportation by having a bicycle bar – or usage of shared self-service scooters if members need to go out. Additionally, there are workshops by speakers passionate for the cause – so if this is something that resonates with you, you may consider choosing this workspace!


  • Personal locker
  • Private office
  • Meeting room access
  • Events and Networking
  • Unlimited coffee and tea!

Membership Price:  € 280 ~ 425 depending on the plan

4. La Cordée

La Cordée has 4 different spaces in Lyon – at Jean Macé, Valmy, Opéra and Liberté-Guillotière. Led by a team of 17 members, they have a total of 12 workspaces located across 6 different cities in France.

Why La Cordée:

La Cordée prides itself in its diverse community and close networks. The community is so close that they actually have their meals together, and even organised tea break sessions to take a break! On top of that they host community events and workshops for a lot of opportunities to learn new things and build relations at the workspace. All workspaces are fully equipped with the essentials, so you can leave all your worries at home and enter the productive zone at La Cordée!


  • Meeting rooms
  • Events and Networking
  • Lunch/Coffee corner
  • Unlimited Coffee and Tea!

Membership Price: up to € 248 monthly

5. Wojo (Lyon Part-Dieu)

Wojo is a network of over 350 workplaces across Europe, with over 300 of them situated in France. They offer flexible solutions to cater to different types of companies – Wojo Coworking, Wojo Office and Wojo Meeting.

Wojo – Lyon Part-Dieu is located at the rapidly expanding business district, right opposite the Lyon Part-Dieu TGV station which is the largest urban shopping center in Europe.

Why Wojo – Lyon Part-Dieu?

The main philosophy of Wojo is to make everyday life easier for businesses and to provide coworkers with a friendly and unique work experience. As such, Wojo boasts of a unique network of members and workspaces, as well as an array of amenities.


  • Reception staff
  • Bar and Restaurant on-site
  • Well-being services on-site (depending on the space)
  • Printers
  • Phone boxes
  • Personal lockers

Membership Price: from €120 monthly

6. Mama Works

An innovative workplace complete with unique interiors, Mama Works currently has coworking spaces in 4 different cities in France. In Lyon, their office is conveniently located at a stone’s throw from the Halles Paul Bocuse, the Presqu’île and the Part-Dieu train station! It holds more than 200 coworking workstations and a flexible private office.

Why Mama Works?

Firstly, the entire look of the place complete with themed decoration gives off a very warm and welcoming feel. There is an array of membership plans offered by them, such as private offices, or dedicated workplaces. They also conduct workshops and seminars and have their own user community. Some features that really stand out about this workspace would be Mama Moves, which is their in-house gym, Mama Nursery – for parents who come with children and even Mama Shop for members to buy office accessories!


  • Parking 
  • Gym
  • Nursery
  • Shower area
  • Garden
  • Office Accessories Shop
  • Events and Networking
  • Unlimited hot drinks

Membership Prices: from €199 ~ €390 monthly

7. Wereso

Established in 2014, Wereso is a flexible working space started out by catering to professionals, small businesses and teams from large companies. Today they offer fully equipped workspaces in both shared and private officers, meeting, conference and seminar rooms.

Why Wereso?

Apart from being extremely convenient – a 5 minute walk away from Lyon Part-Dieu station in Brotteaux – they have an additional in-house training platform called Weréso Academy. The Weréso academy is usually hosted by marketing, legal, web and organization experts and business leaders. This encourages networking and collaboration among members of the workspace!


  • 24/7 Access
  • Telephone booths
  • Receptionist
  • Shower Area
  • Meal Trays (For Seminars and Conferences)
  • Unlimited coffee, water and fruits

Membership Price: from €250 monthly

8. Le Simone

Le Simone is a café and a coworking space, created by a group of Christian students and young professionals from the association Les Altercathos. The café-workspace is located at 45 Rue Vaubecour, Lyon.

Why Le Simone?

It is both a café and coworking space combined so if you are the kind of person who needs that extra energy to be productive, this a place you can consider! It is also a cultural space hosting exhibitions and conferences on themes related to contemporary art which is unique to this place. 


  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference events
  • Evening events (board games, songs, poems)
  • Café and Bar

Membership Price: €150 monthly

9. Coworkimmo

Coworkimmo Lyon is located a 5-minute drive away from the center of Lyon at 50 Quai Paul Sedallian. It is accessible by public transportation and is near a wide array of hotels, restaurants and access to many parking areas!

Why Coworkimmo?

It’s aesthetic and cozy interiors coupled with a breathtaking view of the Saône makes it really conducive. Their meeting rooms can be booked flexibly either by the hour, half-day or full-day. They also offer discounts if you are reserving your workspace in groups of twos or threes!


  • Meeting rooms
  • Lounge and recreational area
  • Kitchen
  • Telephone booths
  • Private locker (separate fee)

Membership Price: €249 monthly

10. Le 144 Lyon

Located at the heart of the golden square of Lyon – Rue de la Bourse, Le 144 is a coworking space that offers flexible solutions for freelancers, startups and small businesses who wish to have a conducive environment for work.

Why Le 144 Lyon?

If you are looking for a shared space, Le 144 opened up 6 different coworking spaces for you to choose from, with monthly subscription and 24/7 access. Convenience at its best! They also provide opportunities for their members and tenants to unite through various networking events, which allows members to meet the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, freelancers and even teams from large companies!


  • Phone booths
  • Kitchen and Dining Hall
  • Meeting rooms
  • Personal locker

Membership Price: from €120 to €204 monthly

We hope you found our article insightful about the various options of coworking spaces in Lyon, France and hopefully we will you at FLYDESK for your next enquiry of office space Do check out our other articles on our insights page here!


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