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Best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city, famed for its exceptional architecture, stunning arts and delicious local cuisine. Since the tech revolution, there has been a significant increase in tech and creative start-ups setting their base in Barcelona. It has become an ideal spot for digital nomads, remote workers and freelancers, seeking to immerse themselves in working while enjoying historical arts and a great lifestyle. And of course with all this influx of people more coworking spaces have opened their doors in this beautiful mediterranean city.

FLYDESK has selected a few of the best coworking spaces in the city:

Attico – 5 locations

Attico is a coworking company with five stunning sites in Barcelona and one in Madrid. Each space gives you an extraordinary view of the entire city while you work, and offers you a nice terrace (‘atico’) to relax, mingle and network. However, we would like to highlight three particular places that are unique. Med, located at the heart of the city, has a breathtaking view of the front sea and a terrace equipped with an incredible pool to relax. It is ideal to house big companies and events. Urquinaona, very close to the Born neighbourhood, offers you the possibility to walk around the streets of Born once you finish your day, architecture, gastronomy, art, fashion, cafes… Born can offer everything you expect from a city like Barcelona. And finally Bogatell located in the neighbourhood ([email protected]) with the most international presence of innovative companies.

No matter the space you choose, Aticco offers a great diversity of facilities and services such as flexible memberships, meeting rooms, private rooms, and event areas, terraces and gyms at some of their centers.

Cloudworks- 11 locations

Cloudworks has 11 sites in Barcelona, at the city center, not too far from each other, therefore members get an opportunity to choose a space that compliments their work style. Choosing the right place will undoubtedly increase one’s productivity and overall mental health. This creates an easy gateway for coworkers to meet like-minded individuals to network and exchange collaborative ideas. Members do not need to be overwhelmed by committing to any subscription plans or membership as their plans accommodate the different needs of each business, with guaranteed expansion as business grows. Members enjoy and utilise all the exclusive services including 24/7 access to the spaces, freshly brewed coffee, event spaces, workstations, and meeting rooms. Cloudworks also has two spaces in Madrid.

WeWork- 6 locations

WeWork with 6 spaces in the city, could not be missing from that list. Home for many freelancers and start-ups, its personality matches with the vibe of the city. Their spaces are located very centrally at El Eixample, and around the Poblenou, which is the most trendy neighbourhood for tech companies and start-ups in Barcelona at the moment.
WeWork offers private offices, dedicated desk and hot desk memberships and has recently launched the All Access monthly subscription which provides access to hot desks, conference rooms and private offices worldwide.
Their spaces are often pet friendly, offering some amenities as mother’s room, bike parking space and outdoor areas.

OneCowork – 3 locations

OneCowork is famed as one of the largest co-working spaces in Barcelona with three huge spaces designed to help your business achieve success. Each site can accommodate a wide variety of coworkers that ranges from fortune 500 companies to digital nomads. Barceloneta is known for its unique coworking space literally docked directly on the water in Marina PortVell’ and nestled between the yachts . Members get to enjoy a wide range of facilities, including shared workspaces, dedicated desks, gyms to break a sweat and offices for teams of up to 15 people. Potential members can choose daily or weekly passes. Their collaboration with Harbour SpaceUniversity’s allows them to entice smaller tech companies to join their events.

Start2bee – 3 locations

With three coworking spaces, situated in the vicinity of a metro station, Start2bee makes commuting for members or potential members a lot easier. Spaces are designed to be modern and comfortable to give co-workers a relaxed atmosphere. Events hosted by them are the highlights of this place. Events range from courses, training, presentations, talks and many more. Members enjoy all the facilities provided such as the kitchen and rest areas, which are fully equipped for any co-worker to unwind and refresh themselves. All of this makes Start2bee a location that creates the opportunity for you to meet like-minded individuals. Members also get to enjoy all other facilities and services provided.

CREC – 3 locations

CREC is famous for its diverse and helpful community and has three large coworking spaces in Barcelona that span an area of 3000m2. Their goal is to support and adapt to any co-workers needs accordingly, giving workers a sense of belonging. Knowing their co-workers personally aids them in establishing a helpful connection with people that will benefit them, both inside and outside their community. Members get to enjoy a spectacular view of either the sea or mountains while enjoying the facilities such as meeting rooms, therapy rooms, offices and event spaces. They recently implemented a new concept. Open coworking, where people work without walls, boundaries or barriers between each other, is the highlight of this coworking space.

Monday – 3 locations

With three spaces in Barcelona and one in Madrid, Monday spaces are perfect for large enterprises and small businesses. Strategically located in Diagonal, Barceloneta and Tibidabo, Monday offers a vast expense of plans readily available at your disposal. Plans cater to freelancers or self-employed individuals, ranging from hourly packages to weekly subscriptions. Mondays are dedicated to events that allow members to interact, network and exchange innovative ideas. Some aspiring entrepreneurs might see this as a business opportunity to get ideas and remarks on their projects. Members also enjoy a wide variety of services and facilities, such as yoga, daily workouts, outdoor terraces, meeting rooms, private offices and healthy foods.

MOB – 2 locations

MOB stands for Makers Of Barcelona and they have two locations in El Eixample and El Gotic, just in front of the popular food market Santa Caterina. MOB not only provides coworking spaces but also hosts a group of talents to assist clients with their projects. With a team of experts geared towards tech-based projects like designing websites or making apps, clients are given full support right from the start. To top it off, they offer courses and workshops for those that need a boost in their niche, even boot camps for aspiring entrepreneurs. Clients can sign up for memberships ranging from flexible ones to dedicated desks or offices catered for the long term. They even offer yoga classes for those that want to take their minds off work.

La Vaca Coworking – Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004

Situated at the authentic district of Poble Sec, next to Carrer Blai and Carrer Parlament which is also known as two of the most famous foodie streets in Barcelona with plenty of small cosy restaurants. Located near the metro train station, La Vaca is a creative workspace that promotes art, fitness, networking and community thus they organise many activities and events throughout the week to keep the community engaged. Their membership plans are mainly on coworking spaces, and members can join for as short as half a day or even rent a dedicated desk in a shared area for a month. Being a member allows you to enjoy the facilities included in their coworking memberships. Their basement is an area to chill and unwind as it comes equipped with pool tables, consoles and ping pong.

Talent garden – Carrer de Ramon Turró, 169, A, 08005

Talent Garden has sites all over Europe and the one at [email protected] is the co-working space located close to the beach and Llacuna metro station in the Poblenou neighbourhood which makes it very attractive for co-workers to commute and take a walk on the beach to unwind. This space is 4000 m2 spanning across 4 floors and allows them to host more than 300 members. They also have a membership that caters to all the different kinds of co-workers and a special membership that gives workers access to all their co-working spaces in Europe. Members get to also enjoy the vase and immense facilities and services provided by them. They have a distinct community for tech and digital start-ups as Google, Deliveroo and Cisco are community members with them.

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