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Best coworking spaces in New Delhi, India

Whether you’re a freelancer, digital nomad or a business owner, coworking spaces have a lot to offer you. In the context of today’s global pandemic, where a flexible office for rent is much desired especially for businesses, coworking is certainly an attractive option. By giving you the choice of coming to work when you need to, and staying home when there’s a higher risk, they provide an edge over standard offices. Plus, coworking spaces come with a whole host of other benefits.

In this article, we’ll discuss the five best coworking spaces in New Delhi, a beautiful city rich with history and culture, so you can decide which is the perfect one for you!

#1: Spaced Out


If you’re looking for premium coworking options that are still affordable, Spaced Out is your answer! Located in central South Delhi on Shahpur Jat, it’s surrounded by cafes, restaurants, retail and other such dining and entertainment options. Plus, they’re part of the Shahpur Jat designer community, making this a great option for those in the fashion industry. Their cosy interiors are thoughtfully designed to make you feel at home while providing you with a functional space to work productively.

The offer

They have a variety of flexible packages to suit your specific needs. Day passes cost 300 INR, a 5-day pass costs 1,350 INR and a 20-day pass costs 5,000 INR. Note that multi-day passes are valid for one year. The 20-day pass also enables you to use their meeting room for one hour.

Monthly memberships for a hot desk cost 6,000 INR per month, while fixed desks cost 6,500 INR per month. These membership plans also enable you to use their meeting room for three hours.

Why Spaced Out

One of Spaced Out’s biggest perks is that it offers free parking, so no longer will you have to pay unnecessary parking fees out of pocket! They also have lockers to safely store your items when you’re not there, a fully equipped pantry, and free coffee to keep those creative juices flowing all day long. Plus, they organize plenty of events, giving you the perfect opportunity to socialize and network.

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#2: Innov8


As the name implies, Innov8 is a coworking space designed to facilitate creativity and entrepreneurship. Originally established as a nurturing space for start-ups to grow and unlock their true potential, it has since spread across New Delhi with four locations scattered around the city, and several more across India. Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker or small business, you’re sure to find what you need in this dynamic, vibrant workspace.

The offer

Hot desks start at 5,870 INR per month while dedicated desks start at 4,999 INR per month. Their private office memberships are what catches the eye though – able to accommodate teams between 4 – 100 people, they start at 6,799 INR per month and can be customized just for you.

Why Innov8

Innov8 offers fully equipped meeting and conference rooms, event spaces, an on-site cafeteria with delicious food, safety lockers, private phone booths and more. It’s not just about work though, their perks also stretch to services such as health insurance, financial/legal advisory, laundry, car care and F&B subscriptions.

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#3: Unboxed


Located in Noida, Unboxed is more than just a coworking space, it’s a community. They prioritize a work-life balance, so going into work doesn’t feel like a chore, rather, you’ll be excited to do so! Beautifully designed, with vibrant splashes of colour, gorgeous wood panelling and ambient lighting, it’s certain to spark creativity in you.

The offer

Their standard membership plans start 5,500 INR per month for a dedicated desk, 6,000 INR per person per month for a private office that can fit 5+ people, and 19,500 INR for a more impressive private office that fits 3 people which is suited for directors of a company.

Unboxed also offers special promotions to help freelancers, remote workers and companies who are struggling during the CoVID-19 period. A dedicated desk only costs 2,000 INR while private offices are discounted at 25%.

Why Unboxed

They truly have everything you need in one location, such as an on-site cafeteria, comfy lounge, office-grade equipment such as printers and projectors, conference rooms, etc. After work, head on down to their recreation room which has table tennis, chill out in their hammocks, or go for a workout in their gym!

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#4: Delhi Co


Providing a much-needed solution for innovative start-ups that require an affordable workspace, Delhi Co offers a positive environment perfect for companies in their incubation period. Their four locations are conveniently situated in central, accessible areas surrounded by dining and entertainment options, and they have supreme flexibility – both in opening hours (they are open 24/7!) and in their lease terms.

The offer

Prices vary across their locations; it costs between 3,999 INR and 9,999 INR for a dedicated desk and between 9,999 INR and 24,999 INR for a private office tailored to your requirements.

Why Delhi Co

Delhi Co is a one-stop-shop for all your needs – high-grade office equipment, meeting and conference rooms and a friendly community of professionals ensure you have everything you need for a successful day of work. Complimentary refreshments, free parking, and other such perks help you have a hassle-free experience!

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#5: Base Station


Combining a café-themed environment with all the facilities an office has makes Base Station one of the more unique coworking spaces in New Delhi. The gorgeous murals on the walls are certain to stimulate your creative juices and the more informal environment takes a lot of stress out of your workday. Situated in the heart of New Delhi in the artsy Shahpur Jat village, it’s surrounded by dining, entertainment and retail options – definitely an ideal location!

The offer

In line with their café theme, Base Station only offers hot desks. A weekly membership costs 3,000 INR, while a two-week membership costs 4,500 INR and a monthly membership costs 7,000 INR. Not too sure about the place? Don’t worry – they offer a two-day trial, free of charge!

Why Base Station

Their cute and kitschy design is complete with comfy and ergonomic furniture such as beanbags and standing desks. They also have high-grade office equipment such as printers and scanners, a fully stocked pantry and equipped kitchen, a lovely balcony to chill out on, and a wonderful community of talented individuals.

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So here you have it, our selection of the best coworking spaces in New Delhi, India. If you’re interested in booking a coworking space in the lovely city of New Delhi. If you own a coworking space in New Delhi, please list your space on FLYDESK. For any other questions about remote solutions for your business, contact us at FLYDESK.

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