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Best phone booths & meeting pods for your flex office

Mobile call and meeting booths are becoming popular within offices but also in some public places allowing users to work on the fly. Flex office & remote work symbolize the new normal of work. It is transforming traditional office spaces with more shared desk areas and small meeting and focus areas. The use of workspace pods or booths gives employees or users more comfort and privacy with a soundproof environment. Meeting pods & call booths allow companies to make savings in office design & construction as well as be more agile in office transformation as they are very easy to install or remove according to your employees’ needs.

Discover our selection of the best call booths & meeting pods to build your flex office. Wait until the end of the article to see what options FLYDESK offers for your pod needs.

Best call booths & meeting pods

  1. Framery

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Framery is the world’s leader in soundproof connected pod with the most advanced technology & comfort. The Framery offers quiet and private office phone booths & meeting booths. This will ensure that your employees will be more productive and happy with these soundproof pods. It’s easier to concentrate on their tasks when they don’t get distracted.

The Framery offers different silent work pods. It ranges between US$8,000 to US$17,000 depending on the interior design and the location. These pods can be accomplished from one person for Framery One, and four persons for Framery Q. If you need to have a meeting room for a larger group, you can choose the Framery 2Q instead.


  1. ROOM

They offer different designs of purposely built rooms. It allows the companies to take advantage of affordable, flexible, and sustainable alternatives for the traditional workspace. You can choose from the phone booth, focus room, meeting room, and open meeting room. 

The ROOM offers a plug-and-play installation, and you can add it to the space available. It’s designed for sustainability which makes it futuristic. It starts at $3,995 for the phone booth and varies depending on the type of workspace and design that you wish to take. The Room Phone Booth has dual-fan ventilation system, motion-activated light sensor, third party lab tested soundproofing, and an easy assembly feature.


  1. Poppin

Another nice player in the phone booth market with Poppin. Their PoppinPod includes plugs to ensure that you can use it to charge your device or have a built-in power outlet. It starts at $4,999 for a phone booth and chooses whether you want the sitting or standing PoppinPod. 

It will allow you to get an occupied solo for the phone booth or go to the PoppinPod Kolo to use as a meeting room. It starts at $9,999 to $14,799 price range. This will be a simple solution to add more rooms to your office with the need to be distracted by doing construction.


  1. TalkBox 

One of the best privacy phone booths that you can get for your employees with sanitary features, particularly useful following the 2020 Covid crisis. Indeed, their booths come with UVC Germicidal Lighting to protect your team. You can have sound and visual privacy mounts for monitors, sliding doors, and more!

TalkBox always includes USB and standard power charging stations, ventilation, and lighting. Compared to the previous phone booth workspace, it’s packed with features. You can also make sure that it’s well designed and spacious to make your people comfortable. Add-on features such as turn key solution, custom graphics wrap, enhanced privacy glass, hepa-air filtration, and monitor or laptop mounts are available to maximize your booth experience.


  1. Zenbooth

Zenbooth has a full suite of workspace phone booths. The Zenbooth Solo costs $3,795 while Zenbooth Duo is $7,995. But if you need a meeting room, you can go for the Zenbooth Quad which is good for up to six people and the price is $13,995.

It’s soundproof to keep your conversations private. The phone booth will allow you to adjust the deal height. You can also stay cool since ventilation is also added to your comfort. It comes with floodlights and is spacious and you can return it within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. You can enjoy its features such as integrated dimmable LED lighting, height-adjustable desk, and breezy ventilation system.


  1. Orangebox

The Orangebox Air acoustic pod can be used as a meeting room, private workspace, and phone booth. It will make your conversations remain private without worrying about people who may eavesdrop during your meetings. 

Compared with other privacy booths, the Orangebox Air comes with interchangeable panels to refresh its look. The top power option is available with straight glass magnetic whiteboard, monitor bracket, and more. You can choose the dimensions that you need for your company’s comfort. Pods’s price may need to be requested through their website.


  1. Thinktanks

Thinktanks is different from the other workspace phone booth companies. They are reviving the open office space. This privacy office booth is transparent but you can rest assured that the conversation remains private. It will help your team to become more productive since there are no distractions with this quiet workspace. 

It’s soundproof so you can enjoy peace and quiet as you work. Spaces are available for one, two, four, and more. This booth is thermostatically ventilated so you can stay comfortable while working. Thinktanks booth allows you to move it whenever needed since it’s not attached permanently in just one place. Pods range from US$6,495 to US$18,995.


  1. Loop Phone Booths

The Loop Phone Booths are soundproof pods that allow you to work without worrying about your privacy. This privacy pod is the ideal place to take private calls or hold a top-secret meeting for your team. It has a modern design that will blend in perfectly with any office.

They have a variety of phone booths available based on your needs. You can get Loop Solo and Loop Flex that are ideal for one person. The Loop Cube can accommodate four people who need to have a meeting in private. It’s a simple privacy pod when you need to focus on your tasks and avoid information leaking. Price varies, so you will need to request a quote.


  1. Hush Office

Like the name of this company, it will allow you to work in peace without getting distracted. You can get this private office for $13,300. Hush Office has a modern design or phone booths to ensure that your team will like them. It’s an excellent addition to your office since you don’t have to wait long and deal with the construction work. You will be secluded from the outside noise since you don’t have to deal with those all the time.



FLYDESK offers pods readily installable in your flex office now. Our Pods offer a soundproof space, with power sockets and USB ports for your devices. In addition to that, the pod/booths can also be integrated with the FLYDESK App to allow for management and booking.

flydesk pod

Compared with other Pods/Booths, the design of FLYDESK Pods/Booths aim to keep a low profile wherever you put it, making your meeting/call experience as comfortable and undisturbed as possible. FLYDESK offers two options; a custom branded Pod for your company, or a FLYDESK Pod that connects to our FLYDESK network to drive traffic from our community.

Having an office phone booth in your workplace can lower down stress levels and can bring a sense of wellbeing. We feel more free and confident when private conversations are not overheard by our colleagues or when we have an option to leave the noise behind. Let FLYDESK help you find the right mobile call and meeting booths that suit your needs. Contact us today to transform your traditional office into a flex office.

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