Best remote team building tools

The rise of remote working requires finding new ways for team building which is not going to be an easy task when the team is distributed in multiple locations. In this article, we wish to let you know of some actual tools you can use, plus fun and doable activities for virtual teams of all sizes to enjoy. Wisely pick what suits yours!


Virtual Ice Breakers

Here are three ice-breakers you can start with. 

1. Rose/Thorn Virtual Icebreaker

This icebreaker sets off the stage for tidbits of the day to day happenings of each members’ personal life. It is an opportunity to release some stress or celebrate some victories. Each member is given an opportunity to tell their “rose” (favored situations such as accomplishments, refunds, etc) as well as their “thorn” (obstacles, challenges, etc.) for a minute. “A rose can be work or nonwork related along with their thorn.”.

2. Crime Junkie Virtual Icebreaker

As for this one, you’ll be needing Clue Virtual Murder Mystery for a supporting Web App. As the name suggests, those who are planning to join might as well summon their inner detectives because they’ll be solving a crime but only for ten to fifteen minutes. Split the team into two or three groups and send out the link to each. When it’s over, celebrate the ‘aha’ moment of the group who won. Those who lose might evaluate what could be that something that did not let them cop the trophy.

3. Name That Emoji Song Title Virtual Icebreaker

In this game, emojis are used as song titles not for when you’re exasperated or overjoyed. Use a group chat messaging platform where everyone playing is in and it’s up to you on how to identify who goes first but each member should be given three minutes to guess the song title of the last song the ‘it’ had listened to which the ‘it’ should hide through emojis. The group or the individual with the most correct guesses win. For example:

🌊👀 (Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish)

🙈💡💡(Blinding Lights – The Weeknd)

😐 (Poker Face – Lady Gaga)

If you’re looking for more ice breakers, make sure to check SnackNation’s article as well.


Scavenger Hunt Apps

Who doesn’t love the classic scavenger hunt, right? Thanks to these apps, you can still play your favorite scavenger hunt virtually. Read further to learn them.

1. GooseChase

This one lets you choose from an existing “mission bank” or create a new one of your liking (if you are the creator of the hunt). Set a time after creating the mission. The task varies and might get intense as it might involve random strangers the players must need to take a picture with. As we’re on it, answers are submitted in photos through the app. The team or individual with the most points wins. “The game is free if you use it for organizing a small team hunt, and GooseChase offers paid packages for large groups or businesses.”

Download the app for free: iOS | Android

2. Locandy

Locandy offers you a ready-made task but the twist is quite interesting. The tasks are more like quests and you have to make choices. “The story changes and evolves depending on what you choose to do.” Playing this game lets you explore your surroundings and by this you might as well discover some great places while enjoying interaction with the team even when you’re on your own. The app and all the games included are for free. In addition, you won’t need any internet connection after installing it on your phone. Just enable your GPS and explore away!

Download the app for free: iOS | Android

3. Huntzz

This app gives out ready-made tasks as well but if you prefer to create then you are free to do so. The feeling of a scavenger is quite alive with this game as it provides you with an ancient looking map which you are going to use to roam around the hunting area. If you happen to be in a place where it was used for a hunt before, then you can choose to play the game created for that specific place. This game mostly focuses on sight-seeing as you are required to find clues called “scrolls” scattered around the area which might lead you to awesome landmarks and quite interesting exhibits. However, some of the games are not for free. There is also an option for obtaining full access to all the paid games in the app.

Download the app for free: iOS | Android

4. Scavify

Scavify brings the game on to a higher level. The task in this hunt requires taking pictures and videos in different locations, answering quiz-like questions, solving puzzles, and scanning QR codes found in certain places. If you’re afraid that this is too much for a three member group you have to calm down. Scavify offers different hunts based on the number of individuals in the group. The downside, however, doesn’t include a free trial option. For small groups of 10 players, personal packages start at $29.

Download the app for free: iOS | Android

5. Geocaching

Geocaching’s approach is rather fun! This game requires the users to first create “caches” and fill them with items and then hide them wherever they wish. The users then upload the GPS coordinates in the web and let the players find the caches. If a cache is found, the player can either replace it with an item of equal or greater value and claim what was found. “Caches differ based on their size, distance, and difficulty.” For an updated cache map, go to any geocaching websites or any geocaching app for free.

Download the app for free: iOS | Android

6. Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt 

This one is a perfect exercise for fast sighting as you are tasked to spot for 20 seconds, whatever Google requires you to find. “A neural network will…try to identify what it is you’re holding in front of your camera.” To start the game, you need to click this link, You will be given 20 seconds to finish each task. You can even turn on sound as Google identifies the things presented on the camera.


Fun Video Conference Game Ideas

What about some curious conference call games? Here are some:

1. Three Little Pigs

The participants are tasked to build the strongest pig pen that they can for only three minutes. The materials should only be within their grasp. This game is even better if you can regroup a few teammates in the same location. After three minutes, these pig pens should be tested by blowing air on them. The levels of blow should start at 1 being the weakest  and should escalate to 10 being the strongest. Those pens which stayed until level 10 score a point.

2. 10-Minute Business

Exercise the entrepreneurial and thinking skills among the members of the team with this wholesome game. It requires teams with four to five members each. These teams should then have separate conference calls “to develop a new business concept and pitch” but only for 10 minutes. A theme can be provided for instance “tight budget hotel renovation” or “best $5 Christmas take home giveaway for employees.” The teams should then present their ideas after 10 minutes. The team with the best idea shall be rewarded and while you’re at it, you may include refreshing or instilling the value of decision making and entrepreneurship.

3. What’s On My Desk?

If you being the team leader wants to ignite a bond among the members, you might as well need to try this game. All you have to do is to ask each member to send a picture of their desk on a shared space so that every member can take a look and guess whose desk is which by the prior knowledge of each member with each other. This might also help each member to find some common ground with each other which would then help the team towards better works and results.


Who says remote team building can’t be fun and engaging? Technology has proven that distance is not a hindrance! At FLYDESK, we believe in the importance of breaking your routine and changing workspaces regularly to keep your energy and motivation levels up. If you still feel too isolated working from home or if you simply want to change your office environment, head to your nearest coworking space and book a desk or meeting room for the day.

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