Best portable USB-C hub for digital nomad

It comes with no surprise that as we embrace the need to connect virtually more frequently, more and more of our devices require reliable connectivity. Let us show you some considerations which can be made to ensure that you get the best portability and value for your investment. 

In this article, we hope to fine tune your search for the best portable USB-C hub with considerations based on the number of ports, data/power transfer capability, budget, design and also size!

#1 Native Union USB-C Smart Hub

This device has everything you are looking for – USB-C, HDMI, SD, Micro-SD, Ethernet, and 2 USB-A ports. It is a complete mobile workstation. Crafted with sleek aluminum and a uniquely textured finish, its powerful performance with a design to match. Pocket-sized for effortless on-the-go carry.
Digital is the future. And with a significant population of people transitioning to the modern lifestyle, this stylish and practical tool will help maximize your work performance. Housed in a sleek aluminum finish with a uniquely textured design for grip, this is an easy choice for an everyday carry.



#2 Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2.

Type-C Multi-Port Adapter 4K with Ethernet V2 Adapters Satechi Space Gray

This is a stylish and practical device made by Satechi. Connect your devices to a seamless and reliable product which features multiple USB ports, a HDMI(4K) port, SD card readers and even an ethernet cable port, all of which is connected to your laptop by one type C cable. Designed to surpass its first version. Satechi made improvements on the choice of material, now aluminium for lasting durability and also simple changes such as being able to feel a ‘click’ when you insert your SD cards so that users are certain and reassured that their micro SD/SD’s are properly inserted and are consistently connected. Despite all its great features, this device retails for roughly US$89!


#3  TP Link UH 700 

The TP Link UH 700, 7 port hub station really caught my attention when I learnt that it comes with firmware and also has excellent protection for your device and data, this device should provide protection against short circuits, over voltage, overcurrent and overheating, to ensure that your devices stay connected and fully functional during use. With 7 ports neatly designed into its clean looking case, I’m sure it will fit perfect in your home office. Apart from TP link being known to provide reliable products, it’s price is also worth your consideration, the TP Link UH 700 retails for approximately US$37! 


#4 Belkin USB-C multimedia hub

Belkin’s USB-C Multimedia hub is here to save your device connectivity nightmares with its state of the art multimedia hub. Rest assured that all of Belkins products are Long lasting, this is due to the rigorous testing they conduct. Another great thing is that environmental testing Ensures that all their materials used are safe. This device features multiple USB ports, HDMI connectivity, ethernet connectivity and also SD card readers. Portable and handy, this device helps you create the ultimate work station anywhere you go. When it comes to quality you know that you can trust Belkin. Get your Belkin USB-C hub for approximately US$89! 


#5 UGreen 9 in 1 multi port

Yes, you read that correctly, 9 in 1! UGreen’s multiport is the perfect device for your office space, it’s design is clean and functionality is off the charts,  considering it’s reasonable price of only approximately US$39. includes 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 Ethernet port, 3-port USB 3.0, TF SD card reader and 1 Type C PD 3.0 charging port. UGreen has also decided to make the case out of aluminium for better heat dissipation as compared to regular plastic casings however do take note that because of the aluminium the device may seem to feel warmer as compared to plastic types but ultimately it is safer! 

We hope to have provided you with more insight. If you are looking for more gear to spice up your workstations, take a look at our designated Native Union kits with exclusive discounts for our FLYDESK CLUB+ members!

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