Coworking spaces rising demand amid Covid 19

The Covid 19 pandemic is still going on. However, people in the workplace are trying to return to normal. More people are also opting to use coworking spaces. Brandon Chia is the vice president of JustCo. He stated that hot desk membership had greatly decreased during the pandemic. It was once only 30 percent. It is now at 70 percent.

Junny Lee is the CEO and founder of The Work Project. He stated that even though membership dropped during the pandemic, people are starting to use the flexible work spaces again.

Why Is There A Demand for Coworking Spaces?

Many people choose flexible work spaces over traditional office spaces. The lease for most office spaces is typically two or three years. The flexibility is one of the main reasons that people opt to use a coworking space. Mr. Chia stated that people used to rent spaces for a year or longer. However, they are now being more cautious due to Covid 19. Many people are only renting for three to six months.

Operators have also stated that people are opting to use these spaces because working from home isn’t always feasible. There are some people who really enjoy working from home. However, they find that working in a coworking space is better for them. They are more focused and are able to get more done in less time. They are also able to connect with other people.

There are some companies that have expressed concern about people renting coworking spaces. People are opting for smaller spaces. However, people do have the option of renting extra space if needed. There have also been safety protocols put in place in order to ensure that people feel comfortable while they are working.

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