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Flexible Office Spaces: Why they Are the Future of Workplaces

In slightly more than two years, COVID-19 has changed our perspectives about work and workplaces. As opposed to commuting long distances to and from the office every day, remote work has taken over and more companies are embracing it. It is not just businesses that are embracing remote workspaces; even employees like it too. According to the WeWork and Workplace Intelligence Report of 2021, about 75% of workers would prefer to work in an environment of their own choosing.

The truth about the workplace is the future is inclined towards flexible office spaces. So, you should not be left behind in embracing this unique idea. For start-ups or companies that are scaling down, the shared spaces offer the perfect home. Keep reading as we explore the main benefits that you should expect from shifting to flexible work spaces. 


Flexible Office Spaces: How Exactly Does It Work? 

A flexible workspace, commonly referred to as flexspace, is a type of office model where the space is fitted with several desks for sharing. This model has been taken a notch higher today as companies redefine it to ensure that users who need some space, perhaps only for a short moment (one to several months), can get and use it for their operations. 

The idea is to simplify the concept of an office by eliminating the complexities that come with hiring and equipping a room to be able to start working. Therefore, the flexible office spaces are designed to provide a ready-to-work setting so that it is possible to get your company or office up and running in only a short moment. 

For already established companies, the flexible office spaces allow them to cut down the costs of operations while optimising the productivity of staff. For example, they will not have to worry about security, office maintenance, and cleaning because the flexible office space provider has taken care of that. This is only a brief highlight of the benefits to anticipate from using flexspace. 

Why Flexible Office Spaces Hold the Future of Work

The idea of having to close down work at 5.00 pm is not always pleasing, especially for entrepreneurs who want to work more, complete their projects, or grow enterprises. The lovely thing about flexible workplaces is that there is no limitation. Most of them come with an advanced biometric system, which means that you can work any time of the day or night. Other reasons making flexible office spaces the perfect option for the future of work include: 

  • It offers you the perfect opportunity to meet and network with other entrepreneurs. Because you are sharing the workspace, it is pretty easy to collaborate, get new ideas, and rapidly grow your enterprise. 
  • Making changes or moving in is immediate. For a company that has been facing challenges, perhaps its profits are declining or cost of operations growing, shifting to a shared workspace is pretty easy. You only need to identify a good flexible office space, to select the preferred space. A good way of simplifying this is using the Flydesk app. 
  • Provides greater motivation for staff. Unlike the traditional office, which mainly involves “caging” workers in four walls, flexible office spaces provide a signature of freedom. Your employees will have more partners to share work-related and personal issues, which will come in handy in building a progressive culture. Most employees work and deliver more when they have flexible workstations

These benefits above only provide a peep of how the future of work will be. It is more freedom, greater flexibility, and collaboration, all of which are provided by flexible office spaces. Remember that not all shared spaces are equal. To be sure of the best flexispace, make sure to use Flydesk app, a top-rated program for planning, collaboration and identifying the best spaces. You can also use it to book meeting rooms, parking, and desks, among other resources. 

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