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Hybrid work survey results

The survey, conducted by FLYDESK, gathers data on how companies are adapting to the post-covid era with hybrid work models giving employees more flexibility in the workplace & working habits.

We have analyzed various global surveys conducted towards employees in 2020 & 2021 and 2 significant results were observed:

  • 40% of employees would consider quitting if their bosses made them return to the office full time.
  • 70% of employees would prefer a hybrid work model with a regular alternating of home and office work.

After experiencing a forced remote work model due to the Covid crisis, people have realized that remote work was simply possible and could be highly productive. On the other hand, they have also been able to discover some of the challenges of remote work such as isolation, disturbance, trust issues, separation of work & life… All that recent experience made people and companies realize that a new way of work was emerging: the hybrid work model. Companies now need to embrace this new hybrid work concept and cope with some of the new challenges related to office space sharing and remote work management.

In that context, FLYDESK conducted a survey to understand how companies were currently set up and how they were considering transforming their organization and office arrangements to adapt to this new hybrid work model. Anyone can still participate in that survey by following this link and we will regularly update the results.

Results of the hybrid work survey

Part 1 – Hybrid work model

To access the full survey results, please click below.



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