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Interview with Nadia Zhu, Managing Director at The Executive Centre.

Nadia Zhu is the Managing Director at The Executive Centre HK, Macau and Taiwan, one of largest and most premium coworking and serviced offices in Asia and one of the leaders in the flexible workspace market.  With over 150+ Centres in 32 different cities and across 14 markets, TEC was created under the idea of a ‘home for companies’ and their mission is to maximize Members’ success, success TEC feels like its own. 

TEC has 27 years of experience, their first Centre opened up its doors in 1994 in Hong Kong. 

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[FLYDESK ] – What inspired the TEC founder to create this working space?

[NZ] The Executive Centre (TEC) was founded by our CEO Mr Paul Salnikow in 1994.  His journey and inspiration came from his early career when he was a junior manager working in London with a Japanese property group, and they needed flexible office space for a few months. He was tasked with securing that space and discovered that at that time, in London, that product did not exist. It motivated him to conceive of the “hotel for companies” idea and business plan, which evolved three years later into the first Executive Centre, which was opened in Hong Kong in 1994.

[FLYDESK ]- Where did TEC get the design inspiration? 

[NZ] The Executive Centre works to create a space that is truly designed for our Members’ success. Our spaces are the very first impression that Members and visitors experience at The Executive Centre, and, in addition to our people, they are the most direct line of communication we have with our community. The environment we create is one that has been carefully and thoughtfully considered. Our spaces are the manifestation of 27 years of experience anticipating the needs of business professionals across all industries. The result? Innovation, flexibility and exceptional functionality. We pride ourselves on curating longstanding and reciprocal relationships with our design partners, partners who share in our vision and are able to further elevate the aesthetics and functionalities of our Centres. Our partners are industry leaders in workspace design, innovating and excelling in their respective disciplines. These partnerships have led to an evolution of fully realised spaces, each balancing the capabilities of technology to support productivity, an understanding of ergonomics and workspace dynamics, and an expressive aesthetic to create a holistically conceived experience. 

Throughout the years, the design of our Centres will have changed, upgrading in terms of design, aesthetics, cultural elements relevant to the different markets, in-line with the evolved ways of working, but the purpose will always be the same – a space that allows our Members to thrive for their success.

[FLYDESK ] – What makes The Executive Centre unique?

[NZ] The Executive Centre is Asia’s premium flexible workspace provider with over 150+ Centres in 32 cities and 14 markets across Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Middle East.

TEC provides the highest quality Enterprise Solutions, private offices, virtual and coworking spaces, each equipped with meeting facilities, video conferencing and a broad range of business concierge services. Located in the most prestigious buildings in the central business district of each city, TEC is dedicated to serving multinational corporations, small/medium enterprises, and start-ups locally, regionally and internationally with the most flexible and dynamic workplace solutions. Through a dynamic in-centre events program and a robust digital ecosystem, TEC helps its Members to build relationships that help their businesses succeed.
Executive Centre

TEC’s success is driven by its demand-led approach – we spend time understanding a market and building relationships before we go into it.  Our products and services offering is focused on quality: premium is what makes us unique, and we have, over time, by serving the clients, learnt what that really means.

  • Be in the locations where our clients want to be: a portfolio of Centres in the core CBD in grade A commercial buildings
  • High-end, quality services and fit-outs – “we are obsessively servicing our clients”
    • Private, virtual, and coworking spaces, each equipped with the usual meeting facilities, video conferencing and business concierge services
    • Experience should be like business class or an upscale hotel with in-house baristas, plush sofas and elegant meeting rooms

[FLYDESK ] – Do you have a particular client profile you would like to host in your space?

[NZ] TEC’s client base is composed of leading companies from diverse industries, including leading financial services and banking, consulting and professional services, and IT companies. Over 76% of our clients are MNCs, and TEC’s commitment to its Members is to be “Your Space for Success”. 

[FLYDESK ] – How do you help your members overcome their challenges?

[NZ] Based on a ‘Members first’ philosophy, TEC has created a community of like-minded professionals and strives to provide businesses with an opportunity to “work smarter, not harder”, and achieve office space flexibility, cost-effectiveness and productivity. As the leading premium serviced office provider, TEC looks after their Members’ businesses as if they were their own, treating Members’ success as their own success.

TEC’s success is driven by its demand-led approach – we spend time understanding a market and building relationships before we go into it.  Understanding what clients want and tailoring our product according to region/client specific demand.

[FLYDESK ] – How do you envision the future of work, especially now under this pandemic situation?

[NZ] TEC believes the future of work is shifting from a more remote work to a hybrid model, in which companies started rethinking an office should be more than four walls around a desk. Flexibility is key in future workplace strategies because the choice has become an invaluable asset; people want to choose to access workstations, meeting rooms, communal areas as they like. Since companies are realising that incorporating a flexible element can positively impact their bottom line, there is an increasing need for flexible office space across enterprises.

Executive Centre

[FLYDESK ] – How would you describe the organisation’s culture?

[NZ] TEC’s vision is to serve the way businesses succeed, connect and thrive. TEC facilitates the growth of ambitious businesses through high-end services, seamlessly operated workspaces, unparalleled insights from a global Member network, and experiences that elevate corporate culture. We strive to promote a dynamic, high work ethic with a strong culture of delivering excellent service to customers and regard all of our employees as “team members” to work towards the same vision and goal. TEC has over 150+ Centres in 32 cities and 14 markets; we understand and respect various cultural differences and promote a Members’ first philosophy.

[FLYDESK ] – Do you have expansion plans in the coming months?

[NZ] At the end of 2021, we opened our Centre at AIA Central, and recently we have just opened another Centre at 28 Stanley Street in Central, Hong Kong. Two additional new Centres were also opened in Shanghai, China, and another Centre in India this year so far. 

TEC’s expansions are based on a demand-led approach and looking ahead, strong occupancy and continued demand are promising signs of the permanent role that flexible workspace will play in the future of work. TEC will also be adding additional Centres in the near term throughout the Asia Pacific.

Executive Centre

[FLYDESK ] – A last message for our readers?

[NZ] The COVID-19 pandemic, like other global crises, has been a significant disruptor to the way we work, but it has also been an accelerator of social transformation. Successful companies in the future will be ones that are quick to adopt flexible working practices. 

As people are finding success and productivity amidst the newly discovered flexible working arrangement, many of the social changes will roll over into the “new normal”, and flexible working practices will become a part of the working norm in the future of work. With over 27 years of success in the flexible workspace industry, The Executive Centre provides sustainable confidence and premium office space solutions for any organisation’s needs.

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