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The largest coworking space networks in Europe

While the pandemic has certainly shown us the importance of flexible work, coworking has been growing in popularity for years due to the vast benefits it brings. Whether you are a solopreneur or a business, it offers all that traditional offices do, with the added perks of more flexible payment plans and office types, as well as a collaborative, productive space geared towards bringing the brightest minds from a diverse range of industries together.

Different coworking spaces come with different benefits and advantages. With the sheer multitude of options out there, it’s easy to get confused or lost. To help you better understand the concept of coworking, we’ve developed the coworking bible.

Don’t worry – we’ve also developed a carefully curated list of the 10 largest coworking networks in Europe to make your choice much easier.

1: Knotel

Flexible coworking spaces

• Locations: 5 cities in Europe
• Established: 2015
• Headquartered: New York, USA

With over 200 locations across four continents, as well as in 5 cities in Europe, Knotel provides tailored coworking services to businesses of all sizes. Having embraced the digital age, they have a variety of tools to help you manage a flexible team better. For example, their app enables easy tracking of office capacity and usage, screening of CoVID-19 symptoms, and much more.

Their business solutions don’t stop there though, as they are fully committed to helping businesses adapt their workspace to improve employee satisfaction while still meeting core needs. Their coworking spaces truly go beyond fostering personal development only; your business will certainly be nurtured here as well.

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2: Tribes


• Locations: 7 cities in Europe
• Established: 2015
• Headquartered: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Having embraced a new way of working, Tribes caters primarily to digital nomads and provides inspiring workspaces across Europe for the traveling businessman. Instead of boring, traditionally designed coworking spaces, the interior of each Tribes location is inspired by a different nomadic tribe from history. Ranging from decor in the vibrant colours of the Masai, or gorgeous paintings depicting the bold Kyrgyz, each location is truly unique.

Their community is filled with some of the brightest minds from a diverse range of industries, making it easy to connect with like-minded individuals. They’ve won plenty of awards too, including “Best Flexible Workspace” twice!

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3: Servcorp


• Locations: 8 in Europe
• Established: 1978
• Headquartered: Sydney, Australia

Primarily targeting entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-medium businesses, Servcorp has over 150 coworking spaces worldwide. Eight of those are in prominent European cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, and more, giving members access to both a local and international professional network of potential clients and investors.

Servcorp’s app enables members to communicate and collaborate with one another, no matter the physical distance. Their coworking spaces are thoughtfully designed and well equipped too. Having had over 40 years to perfect their trade, they’ll know what you need before you even know it yourself!

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4: Mindspace


• Locations: 10 cities in Europe
• Established: 2013
• Headquartered: Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the fastest growing organizations in the coworking industry, Mindspace has coworking spaces in 15 prominent cities internationally. With plans to rapidly expand in Europe and the USA, they’re quite popular among startups and creatives. Their flexible memberships enable businesses to extend their reach to untapped markets with the use of virtual offices, work spaces, meeting rooms, etc as and when they need it.

Mindspace offers premium, personalized support to entrepreneurs and businesses so they can focus on their core priorities and not get bogged down with administrative and operational issues. Their virtual network is also a great way to socialize and attend exciting online events!

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5: Wojo


• Locations: 12 sites in Europe, 300+ workspaces
• Established: 2015
• Headquartered: Paris, France.

Wojo has an ambitious and unique aim – to ensure everyone can work 10 minutes away from where they need to be. Although they currently only have 12 official sites in France and Spain, they provide access to over 300 workspaces across Europe – with plans to expand to 900 within the next two years.

They accomplish this via “Wojo spots”, which are coworking spaces, meeting rooms and private offices spread across the country and part of the Accor hotels. They can be easily booked for the hour, day, or week via the Wojo app. Their app is also a great way to socialize and collaborate – it can even ping you when another member is working nearby!

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6: Rent24


• Locations: 16 cities in Europe
• Established: 2015
• Headquartered: Berlin, Germany

Rent24 currently has coworking spaces in 6 countries in Europe, as well as others in the USA and Israel. Alongside efficient workspaces, they also offer coliving spaces in micro apartments and boutique hotels. They’re definitely an attractive choice for digital nomads and frequent travellers!

They also have several tailored support options for start-ups and businesses to grow and develop. Whether it’s handling the administrative workload, coming up with unique business solutions, or connecting you with the right people, they’ve got you covered.

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7: Talent Garden

Talent Garden

• Locations: 18 cities in Europe
• Established: 2011
• Headquartered: Bresca, Italy

With coworking spaces across 8 countries in Europe, Talent Garden is the leading European coworking network and educational institute for digital and tech companies. With over 4500 members including freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, students, media companies, and much more, they provide access to a diverse professional network.

To provide extra support, the Talent Garden Innovation School offers several training programs and courses in five key areas: coding, data, marketing, design, and business. This enables both individuals and organizations to grow and develop.

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8: WeWork


• Locations: 22 cities in Europe
• Established: 2010
• Headquartered: New York, USA

With over 800 locations in 36 countries, WeWork has rapidly grown its international network over the last decade. In Europe alone, they have several spaces in 22 cities across the continent. They have an inclusive approach that promotes diversity, so you’re guaranteed to be around some of the brightest minds from a range of different industries.

They also offer several other benefits including flexible pricing models and access to various amenities such as mother’s/wellness rooms, espresso bars, free parking, and much more.

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9: ImpactHub


• Locations: 47 in Europe
• Established: 2005
• Headquartered: Vienna, Austria

With nearly 50 locations in Europe, and over 100 locations worldwide, ImpactHub aims to drive creativity and innovation for positive social impact. Having helped over 6400 start-ups develop in 2016 alone, they’ve got the experience and workspaces you need to achieve success.

Collaboration is vital to any business’s success, and the wide network ImpactHub has provides a diverse range of support. Whether it’s meeting a new client or investor at an event, or receiving tailored advice on which public funding agency to apply to, they’ve got you covered.

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10: Spaces – Regus

Spaces Regus

• Locations: 150+ in Europe
• Established: 1989
• Headquartered: Luxembourg

Regus is widely considered to be the first premium serviced office provider – back when the concept of coworking spaces barely existed. Their recently acquired Spaces, which embraces the modern lifestyle and has beautifully designed, tailored coworking spaces ideal for businesses today.

Here, members get access to the widest network of coworking spaces across Europe and the world. Plus, their several virtual and in-person events will give you plenty of opportunities to widen your social and professional circles, and have some fun too!

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