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6 coworking spaces in Hong Kong with a secret perk

There’s plenty of co-working spaces around, but not all of them have secret perks! Find out what makes these co-working spaces in Hong Kong so unique.

Co-working spaces are certainly great workplaces – they provide all the equipment you need to have a productive workday as well as various office perks, networking opportunities, flexible leases and more. With so many co-working spaces out there, however, you may feel a little overwhelmed with choice.

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 unique co-working spaces that have secret perks so you can find the perfect one for you in Hong Kong.

#1 Banyan Workspace

Green workspaces improve your mood and help you relax during those long, stressful workdays. Banyan Workspace provides a calming, eco-friendly workspace lush with greenery – and it sits on the Quarry Bay waterfront. Sustainability is part and parcel of their design, for example, they use energy-conscious appliances, ethically-sourced drinks and snacks and recycle. All this makes it a lot easier for you to make sustainability a part of your company’s culture too!

This boutique hotel provides gorgeous views of the harbour and city below, providing you with a premium, luxurious experience while also helping you do your part for the environment.

Banyan Workspace @ Quarry Bay

#2 The Hive Kennedy Town

Housed in what was once an industrial workspace, The Hive at Kennedy Town will warmly greet you every morning with an abundance of natural light, comfy and ergonomic furniture, and a beautiful wood-paneled theme to put you in a good mood as you walk through their doors.

This coworking space is ideal for artists and others in the creative industry, as they have a photography studio and workshop equipment so you’ll easily get all your work done in one space. They also offer access to all their equipment from both The Hive Studios and Makerhive. It’s not all about work though – they also have a Sound Sauna Meditation Room for you to relax after a long day of work.

The Hive @ Kennedy Town

#3 The Executive Center

The Executive Centre in Hong Kong provides premium locations with beautiful views – towering above the other buildings in the city, you’ll be able to enjoy the uninterrupted skyline in luxurious coworking spaces designed to enhance productivity and focus. You truly do get the best service at TEC with their dedicated staff to assist with all your administrative and operational needs. Plus, private offices are tailored to meet each business’s unique requirements.

By providing business solutions that meet your needs, uniquely designed workspaces with office-grade equipment and the opportunity to network and collaborate with industry leaders, they are sure to help you and your business grow.

The Executive Centre @ Hong Kong

#4 TheDesk Sheung Wan

If you love fresh air and open spaces, you’ll love TheDesk at Sheung Wan. Spanning five floors, this coworking space provides a spacious and relaxing urban oasis conducive towards productivity and focus. One of their biggest highlights is their open-air terrace – large with greenery decorating the space, it’s perfect for working and socializing.

Primely situated just outside the hustle and bustle of the CBD, they offer plenty of activities to break the mundane work routine. For example, you can learn how to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs, attend a workshop to learn a new skill and more!

TheDesk @ Sheung Wan

#5 The Great Room

Located in one of the most sought-after business addresses in Hong Kong, The Great Room at Taikoo Place offers easy connectivity to the rest of the city and is surrounded by a variety of dining and entertainment options. With exclusive networking opportunities in a premium, luxurious environment, they certainly make coworking at their space an attractive opportunity.

Plus, they have plenty of events to make your workday more fun and exciting – for example, Monday Breakfasts and Thurst Days.

The Great Room @ One Taikoo Place

#6 Eaton House

Situated in Eaton Hotel, Eaton House brings a new style of coworking to Hong Kong – one that is perfectly suited for those in the creative industry. With the goal of making today’s world a little better, Eaton House is a one-stop-shop for artists and others alike with all the equipment you need to bring your project to life.

To blow off some steam after work, there’s also a cinema theatre, a radio station and several cultural programming and wellness activities. Alternatively, you can head over to the hotel and use their swimming pool, gym and other amenities.

The Eaton House @ Kowloon


Each of these coworking spaces has a secret perk that certainly makes it unique and worth your attention. Which one suits you best?

If you’re interested in booking a coworking space or learning more about remote solutions for your team, get in touch with the FLYDESK Team and we’ll be more than happy to help.



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