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The Ultimate Guide to Rent a Desk Model for Work

Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of the workplace has changed completely. Unlike the traditional office system model where workers were used to working constrained by four walls of their offices from 8 am to 5 pm, rent a desk or shared office models have become the new options for most companies. 

Selecting a shared office comes with many benefits for users and you should not be left behind. Keep reading to learn more about the shared office space. We will demonstrate how it works and explore the main benefits to anticipate. Finally, we will highlight why you should use it when selecting a shared office space

How Does the Rent a Desk Model Work?

A co-working space is the opposite of the standard office, which has been leased to a single company for a lengthy period. Rather, it is an office space that is rented on a flexible basis through a membership model. You can rent a desk or several depending on the number of employees who will work for the company. 

The primary goal of the shared office model is to provide workers, freelancers, and staff with the opportunity to operate without going through the complexities of installing all the components of a standard office. As we are going to see shortly, all that you need to do is book your desk and walk in because the desk, computers, and all other amenities are provided. 

We must say that shared workplaces are different and mainly depend on their design. Therefore, it is prudent to take caution and carry out due diligence to ensure that it has the best facilities depending on your needs. 

Special Benefits to Expect from Using Rent a Desk System

The most notable benefit of using a shared office system is that your firm gets a professional image. Instead of working on that project from home, most clients will be more impressed to hear that you have a physical office address. This means that if clarifications and support are needed, you have a real company ready to address them. Other benefits that come with using shared office space include: 

  • Helps to Provide a Sense of Community 

Working from an office or at home can make employees, investors, or entrepreneurs feel isolated. Indeed, this isolation might be standing on the path to success. Instead of limiting your operations to a home office, sharing a desk means interacting with more people. These will become part of your community, both offline and online. 

For people who might be a little shy, the shared office might be the perfect path for building confidence and collaboration skills. You will also learn new ideas on how to improve the ideas that you already have. See: this community might be all that you need to make your product, service, project, or brand better. 

  • Rent a Desk is the Most Flexible Working Model 

Although we have finally wrestled down the COVID-19 pandemic, it has taught us that people can work remotely and still enjoy top-notch results. Shared office space is emerging as a preferred model for office operations because of its high flexibility. Now, more companies are referring to it as the future of work. 

If you are planning to move your company or business abroad, perhaps to a jurisdiction like Hong Kong or Singapore, getting the company address is never easy. For example, do you start hopping from one skyscraper to another downtown Hong Kong? The best option is using the rent a desk model because it is easy to get and fast to start the company. With the shared offices, you can have an official address ready in a day. 

That is the reality with shared office spaces. However, you need to ensure that only the best-shared offices are selected because they can be pretty diverse. Make sure to have Flydesk app to help you narrow down to some of the best offices and for collaboration. 

  • Keep the Cost of Operations

When you look at a running office, it comes with a lot of expenses. For example, you might have to employ your own security, receptionist, catering for power & internet bills, and cleaning work. Now, you have the option of saying goodbye to all of these expenses by using the rent a desk model. 

Every cost associated with running the office is shoved to the management’s side. Therefore, you are sure of waking up to a clean and highly secure office. Even if you have some work that requires you to work till late hours, the house management will take care of the security. Therefore, you can concentrate on your work and leave the management of the shared office spaces to take care of the rest. 

  • Very Helpful in Striking the Perfect Work-Life Balance 

We all know the common saying that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” It is true in the conventional workplace settings, but not in co-working spaces. When you move to a co-shared office, there is a list of activities that help to draw people from their seats. Indeed, these activities come with so many benefits to users. 

  1. You get the opportunity to network with more people apart from the immediate office neighbour. 
  2. Benchmarking events helps to encourage exercise for better health. Your mind will be refreshed and the system re-energized when you move away from the computer for some time. 
  3. It is an excellent way to reduce stress. By simply listening to experts and experiencing how others are addressing their challenges, you will learn of new methods to apply to achieve your company’s expected results. 
  • Shared Office System is Crucial in Building Planning Skills

Because all the resources are shared, you have to book meetings or boardrooms, among other facilities. This means that you have to be meticulous with the work schedule to ensure that meetings do not coincide with those of other businesses. Many are the people who indicated they were poor with planning, but they later improved them to fit within the shared office ecosystem. 

To make the process of planning for meetings and activities easier, consider checking for the shared spaces that have ample assets. For example, does the shared office have ample privacy booths, reception staff, fitness classes, unique event space, and gym facilities? Consider using the Flydesk app to identify the best. 

What Businesses Should Use Shared Office Spaces?

Now that you know the main benefits that come from using a desk model, the next question might be, “Is my business or operating model suitable for it?” One thing that you need to appreciate about shared office spaces is that it is simply replacing the old workplace. Therefore, the chances are that that company you used to host in a traditional office will work excellently in the shared workplace. Let’s highlight some of the jobs and operations that would work excellently from a shared office: 

  • Company Marketers 

Marketing is one type of job that requires a lot of flexibility. For marketers, restricting them in a standard office is likely to limit their potential. However, using shared office spaces allows them to interact with more people, who could even turn out to be potential clients. For new marketers, the rent a desk model is likely to also promote better collaboration skills that might ultimately hone skills crucial for success.

  • Accounting Agencies

In most jurisdictions, from Singapore to China, company accounting is taken very seriously. So, if you have an accounting firm offering these important financial services, a shared workspace is likely to be an excellent choice. Because everything is taken care of, you can focus on balancing the books of accounts, filing tax returns, and preparing financial reports within the stipulated time frame. 

  • Payroll Outsourcing Firms 

Like accounting, payroll management is a very complex task. A shared office space allows you to focus on calculating the right payments for staff-based on their contracts and working hours. These tasks require a lot of concentration, which is possible in the shared offices. Also, most co-working spaces are fitted with privacy booths that allow you to make direct calls without worrying that more people are listening. 

  • Digital Marketing Companies 

Today, marketing is mainly done through digital platforms. However, the work of digital marketing is complex and requires a lot of commitment. For example, you might have clients from different time zones, which requires working at night, and projects with short deadlines. A shared workplace comes with a ready office, complete with computers and desks, implying that you can put all focus on digital marketing

  • Freelance Experts

A lot of people today are working online. Some are forex traders, crypto experts, online consultants, and tutors who want to feel free to work without the baggage of running an office. For example, digital nomads who love trading in the crypto markets would not want to get an office that ties them down. Rent a desk space system comes with short leases, which means that you can take up space for only a month in Singapore, and then leave for London without feeling tethered to one place. 

  • New Start-ups Looking Forward to Rapidly Grow into Large Firms 

One of the biggest challenges when starting a company is getting an office. At start-up, most investors have limited resources, which could limit the ability to identify and work with a large office downtown. Instead of directing resources to paying for expensive offices and furnishing them, a shared office system allows you to get everything at a lower cost. 

The simplicity of getting an office is also pretty easy. Unlike a standard office, which can take months to spruce before being ready to use, shared space allows you to move in immediately. This means that you can identify a shared space, pay for it, and start working immediately. This flexibility is what most online workers are interested in.  

  • Companies Scaling Down Operations 

Many are the times when we only think of growing companies, but rarely do we consider a time when the company might need to scale down. When scaling the operations down, you might want to give up the large office downtown because of cost and go for a smaller one. Well, we have a better option: using the desk model

Instead of using a lot of resources to acquire a new office when the profits or resources of your company are pretty constrained, a shared office space would work excellently. Here, you will not need to pay for security, water, cleaning and other accessories that might have been responsible for pushing up the bills. So effective is the office sharing model that more companies that discover flexspace opt to retain some of the staff in it alongside the main offices. 

  • New Projects that are Running Over a Short Period 

Do you have a project that is running for a short period and have been wondering where to locate its office? The best option is using the rent a space model. It makes it possible to settle down fast, keep the project costs low, and decommissioning pretty easy. For example, you will not have furniture to dispose of after the project comes to a closure. 

How to Identify the Best Rent a Desk Space  

Now that we have demonstrated the benefits that come with the rent a space model, there is one more thing: how do you identify the best offices? This can be pretty challenging when doing it manually, but there is one solution that is easy to use and reliable: the Flydesk App.

The app is designed to help you run a hybrid office and team with just one program. It allows complex teams to get the perfect mix between the standard office operations and remote work. It also helps with workplace visibility and planning to facilitate better collaboration and optimise the use of shared resources. 

No matter the type of shared office that you target, Flydesk will make it easy and convenient. You can use it to book desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and other shared resources. With the app, you can also optimise the use of resources to grow your company and reach the targeted success fast. 

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