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What kind of booth for your office?

What is an office “booth”?

For those of you who work in an open office concept, or on an office desk – have you ever wished for a private space where you can take your calls, have meetings or just a quiet place where you can focus on your work?

It is not always possible to have meeting rooms that take up so much space in your office, you may not have many of them to begin with causing it to always be occupied – and renting them out could be expensive. That’s where the office Booths/Pods come into play!

Essentially, these office pods are like a room within a room, an enclosed booth-like spaces where you can work in a quiet, private contained area – perfect for taking calls or when utmost attention is required for your work. Essentially, a typical pod comes with all the features needed for a workspace, minus the open work environment. 

With the new era of hybrid working, shared workspaces – office pods have been extremely helpful in creating spaces while saving space.  The best part is that these can be placed anywhere and can be extremely cost efficient as well, depending on what you use it for and what features you decide to purchase it with.

This is because, office pods come in various types – and there are so many features to consider, such as:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Interiors – for eg. acoustic walls, glass walls
  • Exteriors – for eg. privacy glass walls
  • In-built accessories

There are also office pods that are made to serve different functional needs as well!

To save you the hassle of experiencing potential information overload by researching office pods, we have curated this article for you! In this article, we will be explaining about the different kinds of office pods, breaking them down by the functional needs they serve and things you can look out for. By the end of this article, you should be able to figure out which kind of office pod best suits your needs!

Types of booths

  1. Meeting booths

  • Open meeting pods

These pods are on the more spacious end of a typical office pod, accommodating two to six people enough for a small meeting. For those who are looking for a portable, space saving option – the meeting pod is a great alternative, and cost-effective too! They are usually quick to install like any other office pod and can be easily slotted into any corners or spaces that you have available in your workplace.

What’s more – because these meeting pods are big enough, different kinds of features can be built in and many customisable options are available. However the most common ones would be:

  • Built in electrical ports
  • Built in monitors and other devices
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Built in desk

And many more, depending on the supplier!

  • Closed meeting pods

The emphasis is in the word itself – privacy, meaning to say that the features of these pods are to ensure that. These pods are typically made to be soundproof with acoustic walls  in the interiors, with enough space and a work desk to do your work in a quiet environment. Chances are, you may have even come across them in malls, giving flexible working a whole new definition!

The best part about these pods is that most suppliers offer customisable options, which includes the kind of features you want in your pod or even the aesthetics of it, like the colours of the interiors, and the glass panel options for the walls – similar to the customisation options available for meeting pods.


             2. Phone booths

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly had to take a call, but couldn’t do so with so many people around? Perhaps it was a confidential matter, or you just did not want to disturb the people around you?

Well, these phone booths are usually only meant to fit one person, and small enough to fit you, and maybe your laptop or a calling device. Most of the time the pods are also designed to have acoustic walls for a better call experience as well.

The phone booth kind of office pods are especially useful for times you would need to take confidential calls where you require more privacy. You can sit comfortably in a phone booth with no one to disturb you – you wouldn’t have to go scrambling to find a place outside to take your calls anymore!

If you are looking for options to procure your own pod, you are in luck!

At FLYDESK, we also offer office pods which are portable and you can easily install them in your flex office! We offer both call and meeting pods, with different sizing options to choose from and features such as:

  • power sockets
  • USB ports
  • Customize colors, design and features including whiteboards, display and power options
  • Integration with FYDESK App for easy booking and management

And more features we can offer!

So, what are you waiting for? Let FLYDESK help you for your flex working needs. To find out more about the best Pods for your workplace – contact us today!

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