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Who uses coworking spaces? 10 ideal situations explained

Remote working & coworking has always been on the rise for more than a decade now. Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer or just a functional worker, you will always be needing skills, resources & a suitable workplace to provide the best services or products to your clients. Various surveys and articles prove how people thrive in coworking space environment. We will explain in the article the top 10 most common situations in which you will find huge value in using a coworking space.

1 – Ideal for an independent entrepreneur

Working individually does not require one leased office space, one area in your home might be a good alternative. However, do not underestimate the cons of working from home as there are destructions that might bother you such as the comfort of having the bed just nearby plus the equipment needed to sustain your work or business. Isolation is one of the most common pain point identified for people working alone and from home. So, it would be wise for you to choose a place where everything you need is there, the people and the equipment – from printers to a comfortable desk, and a good coffee to keep you through. 

2 – Ideal for companies with a limited budget

Finances are a major matter most especially for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you are a freelancer only needing a small, convenient space or a private team seeking for a desk or a space to rent, you can absolutely find coworking solutions an enormous aid at the best price, all inclusive. Plus, in most cases, you only get to pay the time you’ve used the space unlike when leasing a dedicated office, you get to pay not only for your desk but also common areas whether you use them or not. With coworking spaces, long-term lease arrangements are not a headache anymore and you can forget about conventional office expenses like insurance, management fees, furniture, equipment Internet, fit-out, reinstatement charges and more.

3 – Ideal for teams with flexible working hours & locations

The ASEAN Post has noted in its article how flexible time (a.k.a flexitime) has benefited both employees and employers. Employees have increased morale while employers have reduced turnover of valued staff. Whether you are an employer or an employee, coworking spaces will surely be a good fit as it allows flexible rent arrangements whether you like an open area, a dedicated desk, or a private office. You have the ability to control your own time and space.

4 – Ideal for new generations

The modern business world is drifting to a place where collaboration is needed and individualization is empowered. Spaces such as coworking are perfect hotbeds for new generations. Gretchen Spreitzer, et al. found and stated it in their research article entitled Why people thrive in coworking space that people who belong to coworking spaces scored 6 out of a 7 point scale in thriving. “WeWork which recorded a valuation of $5 billion last December, emphasized how it “seek[s] to create a place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’.”” Younger generation are valuing more work-life balance and inspiring work environment than money.

5 – Ideal for building relationships

A coworking space is basically made up of a community ranging from high-end professionals to startup entrepreneurs which means, anybody can find somebody for support and ideas as well especially the starting businessmen. If you’re one of them, innovativeness and unclichéd ideas are a must. These may come from different people in your league. Sometimes a group of two or more businessmen runs out of fresh ideas. Even an individual freelancer might be challenged with an isolated working situation, but a community who’ll understand where you’re coming from and where you’re headed to will be the best support system you can ever have.

6 – Ideal for fast-growing companies

Connections are your golden tickets. The more you have the more you’ll have. Since coworking spaces are scattered around the leading countries and states of the world, the odds of meeting a priceless connection may be in your favor. Last 2017, Apple and Samsung Electronics had also moved some of their employees to Mindspace (Berlin) and WeWork (Brooklyn South Williamsburg) respectively. Facebook had also made its move at WeWork (California) as well. Check out this article for further details The top 5 most valuable companies that are using coworking. Beyond the connections, coworking spaces also offer you flexible office space models that allow you to grow your number of desk on demand as you grow your number of employees.

7 – Ideal for companies who can’t commit

Maybe your business works only for a short time. Maybe you’re just trying to sort things out and or maybe trying to get a first hand experience of these and those. Or maybe you are afraid of commitments. Coworking space lets you settle to what you only need at the moment. Startups don’t need to commit to renting a whole office space, coworking could be the best option. In fact, the whole world can relate to the fact that the future is uncertain just by looking at what Covid-19 has demonstrated. Who knows what humanity or your business will have to battle again in the coming months?

8 – Ideal for companies lacking time and budget to fit-out a space

Sometimes, an office needs a revamp specially when you just moved in and you see the need to do something about it. Most of the time, these revamps are demanding and expensive. Not to mention the arduous reinstatement when you move out. If you don’t have the right group of people to work with, office fit-out or reinstatement might exhaust your finances away. Companies who lack time, expertise and resources will not have a problem renovating or restoring a space. Coworking spaces are strategically designed to world-class office standards and included in paid membership fees is the freedom from managing an office space.

9 – Ideal for transition between office moves

Having an office is great. Calling it your own is greater. Moving without worrying for anything left behind is the greatest. Coworking spaces are best at this. Ending a deal on a coworking space is nothing compared to a traditional moving out which requires you to sell out your space (and the stress will branch out to taxes and all the legal procedures you have to endure), while you’re maintaining a business during transition because you don’t want the quality of your product or service damped. Coworking space lessens the stress a lot since ending a lease is as hanging up your phone and starting on another space is only a call away. Convenient as possible. 

10 – Ideal for hosting events

Whether it’s a decent niche for a solo client meeting or a room for group meetings or events, coworking spaces will always have a room reserved and ready for your very needs. Not to mention that these meeting rooms in a coworking space are already equipped with audio-video amenities with serviced drinks for everyone in the room. Most of Flydesk’s partner coworking spaces have ample rooms and staged domes made to host events such as charity events or even gala nights. Let us know your location and we can find one for you.

Who are coworking spaces best suited for?

  • Freelancers

Since self-employment does not get you an actual office and/or working from home does not suit your preference, a decent workspace will definitely set you rolling.

  • Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s a business or an enterprise, they both require talks and client meetings. A standard place will do you and your client no harm. There is nothing wrong with cafes or restaurants but what about a space suited for business? Besides, practicality is one of the deciding factors for success.

  • Startups

With a limited financial resource it is but wise to find an affordable yet a benchmark place for settling your office down.

  • Companies

That category might be more of a surprise but larger companies are also getting into the coworking and shared office space trend. Established companies often send out employees to different countries or regions for business purposes without their own building to use. In other cases, some companies decide to take an entire project team or departement out of the office for a coworking space in order to stimulate creativity or optimize office costs. More and more larger corporations provide jobs under flex work policy allowing people to choose where they will work and in most cases, they would work from home or in coworking space close to where they live.  

How can you find the best space?

  1. Ask for recommendations

    If you are a businessman or a freelancer, chances are you have connections which you can ask for recommendations that will fit your needs. It’s always valuable to work near people you appreciate as long as it does not disturb your productivity too much.

  2. Inquire through online platforms

    These platforms gather a global list of flexible spaces. Inquiring with the experts might be the best way to find “the perfect one” or explore a coworking space listing by yourself to compare options and enquire instantly.

  3. Do a trial

    If you are very particular about what you want your future space would be like, you might need to see it for yourself. FLYDESK allows its members to try partner workspace locations for free for one day. Sign up for a free membership and ask for free trial now.

Here at Flydesk, we list a wide selection of coworking spaces, shared desks, and serviced office spaces that suit different kinds of workers or groups. With only a few clicks away, you get access to their amenities and membership offers allowing instant bookings to the best spaces globally. Choose your space today.

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