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Best breakout ideas during your work day in Hong Kong

Let’s admit it—with the pile of tasks we need to do for our business or for work, sometimes, resting is the last option. News has been circulating that hardworking employees are pumped with many to-dos on their list, and drowns without help as we rise to the virtual age where sometimes you only have yourself as help. Accept the fact, remote working is nothing new but could be fun or dreading for some.

In this article, we hope to provide you five effective tips to reverse that idea and hopefully shed you some light to help you relieve your workday stress, gain back your functioning version all revved up, and ready to finish the day with a blast. Discover the best breakout ideas to make your work day more productive and relaxing.


Relax at a spa and exercise at a gym

A good spa treat or a relaxing massage reduces muscle tension that your hunched up back or heavy shoulder had been carrying all throughout those hours you’re facing the computer screen. So, prepare for a spa session in between or after your busy hours. After all, hard work deserves rewards at one point in time. Lookdiary has a wide variety of salon and spa centers to choose from and book instantly (FLYDESK members get 10% off all bookings made via Lookdiary using our promo code). But if you want a little productivity boost, studies suggest that working out or doing yoga is beneficial as well. Coworking spaces have innovated not just with office spaces but also with equipped yoga rooms and in-house gyms. Try to check out theDesk Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong if you want a coworking space with gym access.


Relieve stress through music

Music is an accomplished go-to stress reliever. This is a basic fact with most of the people who are distressed from tension. Releasing Stress Through the Power of Music is an article from University of Nevada, Reno that clearly discusses the differences of music and the correct type that a person needs to listen to in certain situations. Music with a slow beat is highly  recommended as a stress-reliever because it synchronizes our brainwaves with it producing the alpha brainwave–the present one when we are relaxed and conscious. The Hive in Kennedy Town has created its Zen Room where members can relax and listen to music without disturbing others. 

Lessen excess screen time by reading non-work related books

Don’t deny it. There is something relaxing about grabbing a non-work related book and sitting down in a café button chair or even just in your swiveling chair and being lost in reading a good booklet or even just a well written, trigger-free novel for a quick fifteen minutes. You may say that this is an opinion but here is the fact. According to Sadie’s 2019 article 5 Astonishing Ways Reading Changes Your Brain, doctors and scientists have confirmed that reading reduces stress and blood pressure. And not just that. It obviously lessens the  excess screen time that your eyes don’t necessarily need and it also frees up some spaces in your mind that have been filled up to the brim by these workloads. Coworking spaces do have a library where members could totally be indulged in beautifully curated books. It might be a good avenue of inspiration as well for startups. Check out The Work Project in Causeway Bay if you’re looking for one.

Enroll in a series of cooking classes

One thing Hong Kong is known for is the food industry, no doubt cooking classes are widespread. Being in Hong Kong, you would not want to miss either eating the famous Hong Kong style Chinese food or learning to cook them yourself because it doesn’t only refreshes the mind through its workshops but also creates a way of bringing people together. If you have a team, why not try doing a corporate cooking class? Cooking classes lets you meet new people, broaden your horizons, and create inspirations for future ventures, too, plus it helps your mind be distracted from all the hassle of work, it makes you focused on your lessons that you don’t want to burn your pan or cook an unpleasant meal. Tripadvisor here lists ten best cooking classes in Hong Kong that you can choose from and there is even cooking coworking space concept in Hong Kong at Bite Unite.

Take occasional naps in sleeping pods or capsule hotels

Head towards capsule hotels just a few walks away from the facility. SLEEEP, Hong Kong’s first licensed capsule hotel open to both men and women, is a great place to do that. It’s nine kilometers from Victoria Peak, two kilometers from dining and nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong, and three kilometers from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal. If a sleep pod sounds interesting to you, you might want to check out brands who manufacture tiny nooks and pods, JEB is an example. There, no one can see you slip into a nap. Studies show that taking a nap for ten to twenty minutes recharges your mind and body back to the functioning mode. You might have to set your alarm, though before you over-nap and wake up feeling even worse than before. There are stages of sleep. The first ten to twenty minutes are your target. Exceeding these time limits will set you up in a groggy state because you were entering the deeper stage of sleeping and that’s the last thing on your to-do-during-nap-time list. So, nap but set your alarm. You might as well check out Chris Dunne’s 2019 article called Do naps at work increase productivity?


Mingling with likeminded people creates friendships, and fun for sure isn’t excluded. When you talk to someone, it just releases all those tensions that you’re keeping to yourself especially if you work alone and virtually. Go ahead and mingle with people around you, take your favorite coffee or just sit around those lounges. Spaces are what makes these hubs.

Coworking is on the rise in Hong Kong and options to relieve workday stress are widely available with each brand. Each of them offers unique experiences both luxurious and affordable, and what you only need to do is to decide what it is that suits best for you or for your team. FLYDESK offers you an organized list of coworking, flexible, and shared office spaces globally. Browse them now.



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