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Native Union hybrid office transformation – FLYDESK Case Study

There’s been a lot of talk about transitioning to hybrid office models even after the CoVID-19 pandemic is over. However, it’s certainly not easy to change up an organization’s entire way of working – especially when hybrid offices are still a relatively new concept to most. That’s where FLYDESK comes in – as we can guide you through the process and ensure you develop a hybrid office model that suits your business’s unique needs perfectly.

Of course, all this means nothing without hard facts to back it up. FLYDESK recently partnered with Native Union to help them transform their traditional office to a hybrid model during the pandemic. Despite all the obstacles faced, it was certainly an overwhelming success with 40% savings on office space, greater visibility and communication between the team via the FLYDESK App, and greater happiness as team members can now work remotely!

Our detailed case study will show you exactly how we accomplished this with a progressive implementation methodology, and the benefits it has brought. Click below to check it out!

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