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New lifestyles, Coliving and Coworking

You’ve probably heard the concept of coworking before. Shared offices and workspaces all the rage now across the world with the rising trend of hybrid and remote-working. Well, have you heard of the term “coliving”? It’s a similar concept to coworking, but with the most obvious difference being in the word itself – the living aspect, an entire lifestyle on its own.

Combining the communal aspect of coworking and making your residential space a shared one has been a hit, especially for digital nomads, due to the perks of it being cost-effective and the huge emphasis on collaboration. A modern take on living with roommates is a rising trend in the sharing economy.

Let’s explore some of our favorite coliving spaces in this article!

Coliving Spaces in APAC

1. Cove

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Cove is a coliving space founded in Singapore in 2018, and has since expanded to Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded by three young professionals, Cove aims to provide co-living solutions and predominantly caters to fellow young professionals as well as students. The coliving space has created communities where members are known as ‘Coveys’ and host regular networking events. Cove has many spaces in the countries they have their base in, giving their potential ‘Coveys’ a variety of rental options.

2. Hmlet

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Conceptualized in 2016, Hmlet is a coliving space with bases in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. They have over a hundred locations with over 1500 properties, and featured on many platforms such as Tech in Asia and Business Times. Members of the coliving space can enjoy perks such as flexible leasing and fully furnished homes, as well as access to their community of like-minded individuals.

3. Casa Mia

Casa Mia

Casa Mia Coliving is a sustainable and modern coliving and property management company that offers affordable and ready-to-move-in accommodation. Bringing together insights from the sharing economy, technology, and a robust tenant community, Casa Mia enables young professionals to enjoy easy living in sought-after urban locations. 

As of today, they have 150 bedrooms in central Singapore across popular neighborhoods such as River Valley, Tiong Bahru, and Orchard, and are growing rapidly, covering Melbourne very soon!

4. Weave Living

Weave living

Based in Hong Kong, Weave is a coliving company creating well-designed rental accommodation and facilities for their community of young people. They have different kinds of accommodation to cater to different kinds of needs – Weave Suites, Weave Residences, Weave Studios. They even have spaces that are pet-friendly, a treat for animal lovers!

5. Figment


Singapore-based Figment offering boutique, curated coliving spaces with a unique local twist – living spaces in shophouses. Aiming to provide an experience that is uniquely Singaporean, Figment now has spaces in 22 shophouses in prime locations. The community culture at Figment is diverse where members can get to know one another through exclusive events hosted by them!

6. Lyf by Ascott

Lyf bt Ascott

A coliving brand under Ascott, Lyf has spaces in 18 properties across 9 countries, including Singapore, China, Japan and Australia. At Lyf, they go beyond for their guests to provide amenities such as a fully furnished apartment with high-speed Wifi, flexible creative spaces in the form of nooks or social spaces, and a community that stays connected both online and offline.

7. Dash Living

Dash living

Dash Living describes themselves as a new generation of serviced living rental solutions and they have spaces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Apart from offering coliving spaces, they also provide serviced apartments and hotel rooms for rent – covering a wide range of accommodation needs in the countries they are based in. Being a Dash member comes with plenty of benefits, including fully furnished apartments with access to wifi, 24 hour customer service and an active member community. 

Here is a treat for our readers – coliving spaces that are also coworking spaces at the same time! Yes, some of our favorite coliving spaces take it a step further by creating an environment where combines both the concept of coworking and coliving. Let’s have a look at some of those spaces!

Coliving and Coworking Spaces (worldwide)

1. Deskopolitan


Deskopolitan provides living solutions where everything is under one roof – offices, meeting rooms, coworking, hotel, restaurant and more. Deskopolitan has three locations in Paris, conveniently located in the heart of the city.  Their coliving wing, called the Deskopolitan House, provides rooms that come with a fully equipped kitchenette, en-suite bathrooms and the view of the landscaped garden.

2. Outsite


Outsite is a ‘global network of co-living spaces’ founded in Santa Cruz, California in 2015, and now has scaled with spaces across the globe. Their accommodation types include apartments, studios and private rooms, all fully-furnished and equipped with a wide range of amenities. They also have cowork cafes in three locations, Lisbon, Puerto Vallarta (currently closed) and their newest one in Todos Santos, Mexico.

3. Outpost


With their tagline being ‘We empower you to live and work from anywhere’, Outpost aims to do just that – offering coworking and coliving destinations tailor-made for those working remotely. They currently have their coliving and coworking spaces in Bali, Indonesia and Weligama Bay, Sri Lanka. Each coliving space comes with a local experience tied to their area – something that is unique to these spaces.


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