Satellite & hybrid offices – the future of the workplace

Remote working has been a trending topic for organizations even before the pandemic plagued the world in 2020. Now, it remote working & flexible work are becoming the new normal type of work. Because of this, satellite offices and hybrid offices have been companies’ go to solution to minimize office costs & manage distributed teams. 

Definition of Satellite Office & Hybrid Office

A Satellite office is a branch office that’s physically separate from an organization’s main office. On the other hand, hybrid offices mix together home-based and office-based work setups.

These offices logically appear as the ideal option in the current context. But the main challenges of Satellite and Hybrid offices are to maintain the same productive experience with appropriate tools while preserving a company culture for distributed teams.

Below are some of the top reasons why you would want to consider a Satellite Office & Hybrid Office:

Why consider a Satellite Office?

  • Satellite office lessens chances of contracting the Covid-19 virus

Since most employees work away from each other, there is lesser physical face-to-face contact which is the main cause of virus contraction. Putting up a satellite office supports workers who still want an office setup without risking too much of their health and safety.

  • Satellite office saves transportation time and expenses

If you are planning to open up a satellite office, it is highly recommended that you choose a location where most of your talents live nearby. By doing that, their time of commuting will be reduced which results in more time for work or personal activities. Also, your employees will save on transportation expenses they used to get from the daily back and forth commuting.

  • Satellite office saves on rental cost

A Satellite Office does not need to be in the most fancy and expensive place in the city. Most of the time, you can define a strategic location outside the city or in small town that will be close to most of your team members’ home and other potential local recruits’. Be careful not to choose a Satellite Office location that would be just ideal for a few people as they might not be in your company in the future.

  • Satellite office offers access to remote talents

Establishing a Satellite Office in a different location or region also gives your business an opportunity to learn more about other local market needs and to access a pool of talents with specific skills or at a lower cost. Having a satellite office positions your company for maximum operational success.

  • Satellite office supports hybrid work setup

Bryant Lach of JLL said that businesses continue to recognize that coming together in person, at least some of the time, positively influences company culture and collaboration efforts. A Satellite Office is an easy solution to implement a concept of Hybrid Office (see next section for more information) where workers have the flexibility to work from home for some time throughout the week and from the Satellite Office some other time to allow physical interactions. Simply put, it offers the best of both worlds.


Satellite offices come with some challenges as well. Satellite Office location needs considered carefully to avoid being an advantage for some & a constraint for others. Pay a close attention to the style & features to avoid getting people into a place they don’t like and consequently prefer to stay home. As you have more budget from not investing in a downtown office, don’t be too cheap on your Satellite Office. It could also be challenging to break a company culture that’s raised in working together and being physically interactive with all employees.

At FLYDESK, we can assist you with finding the perfect spot and providing our App that could help you monitor your team members’ visibility. Remote communication does not need to be a problem and there are Remote Team Building Tools to help your employees adjust to the future of office work.


Why consider a hybrid office?

  • Hybrid office saves space costs

Shared desk models avoid paying one desk per person and wasting unused space. A research by Anita Williams Woolley of Carnegie Mellon University shows that it makes sense for organizations to evaluate their space and consider downsizing, but without eliminating meeting space. 

  • Hybrid office supports a smooth transition to working from anywhere

The pandemic has brought a wide scale transition to remote office working as the new normal of office work. This was claimed by Rich Mcbee in the article The Office of the Future Will be Hybrid. Remote working, particularly hybrid office working, with the right technology, proves that you can work from anywhere and productively.

  • Hybrid office promotes flexibility in work schedules

Flexibility is one of the reasons why most people choose to work remotely because they have the chance to balance work and personal life most especially now that people prioritize their wellbeing, above all else. Prior to Covid-19, SEO agency NOVOS had signed a lease with WeWork for an office space. But due to the pandemic, it backed out of the lease and moved to We Membership, “where employees can work from home most of the time but are allocated each a monthly budget to spend on booking workspaces”.


While we may think that it is easy to put up a hybrid office, it is still important to know some challenges it could bring. A hybrid working pattern won’t suit everyone as some don’t have the right tools or environment to work from home for instance. For many businesses, it is difficult to build trust and monitor staff performance, not to mention challenges with remote collaboration & company culture.

FLYDESK facilitates remote team visibility with a Team Check-in App. It helps keep employers and employees on track with commitment, productivity, and safety. As employees check-in daily with the FLYDESK App to track their working hours, employers can also handle shared office booking and optimize their office space management. Lastly, our workspace partners like WeWork, TheHive, The Executive Center… offer various membership arrangements and cost-inclusive amenities where members get to pay only the hours they’ve consumed.


Expanding your business to a Satellite or a Hybrid office comes with inevitable challenges. However, a careful planning and execution will help lessen trust and performance issues, and hindrances in technology. If you need help in expanding your office to anywhere in the world FLYDESK has listed world-class shared offices, coworking spaces, and serviced offices that you can choose from to ensure smooth transition to the new norm of flexible office work. Contact us today to start your flexible work journey. 


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