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The largest coworking space networks in the USA

The CoVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused a major shift in how the world views work – remote work has dramatically increased in popularity! Even businesses are realizing the advantages that go along with flexible work. After all, flexible workspaces are the most adaptable system in case of any external circumstances that affect business operations.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits for freelancers, remote workers, and businesses to opt for a co-working space over a traditional office. To learn more about these perks and advantages, check out our other article on the benefits of co-working for each and every type of situation.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 co-working space companies with the largest network of spaces in the United States!

#1: The Wing

The Wing
• Locations: 7 spaces
• Established: 2016
• Headquartered: New York City


Although The Wing currently only has seven spaces around the USA, it caters to a unique market no one else does. This co-working space is solely for women, and is designed to facilitate female empowerment. Many members use this space to turn their side-hustle into a more professional business, or as a comforting, quiet space to work from while the kids are at home. Their spaces are all fully equipped with everything you could possibly need, from private phone booths to cozy nooks to business-class office equipment and even complimentary tea and coffee. They also have a digital platform to enable you to network and stay connected, even when you’re not physically present!

#2: Knotel

• Locations: 7 in USA
• Founded: 2015
• Headquartered: New York, USA


One of the leading companies in the co-working industry, Knotel has over 200 locations across four continents, as well as seven locations in the USA – with more to come soon! They cater specifically to businesses – whether you’re a start-up or a well-established organization, they’ll tailor their services to ensure your needs are met. Their expertise in office space also goes beyond their own office spaces as they also provide office design services to companies. Additionally, they’ve embraced the digital age and have developed several tools to support hybrid and remote workers. For example, their app, titled “Healthy Office” enables easy tracking of office capacity and usage, screening of CoVID-19 symptoms, and much more.

#3: Impact Hub

• Locations: 10 in USA
• Established: 2005
• Headquartered: Vienna, Austria


Impact Hub started out with an ambitious dream that they quickly achieved – to build a network of professionals that brings the greatest minds together to ultimately drive innovation and creativity for social impact. After all, collaboration is key to success, and the exposure Impact Hub brings will certainly benefit anyone. Still not convinced? Well, hard data doesn’t lie, and Impact Hub has successfully fostered the development of over 6,400 start-ups and has hosted over 11,000+ events in 2016 alone – all to help their members network and grow professionally. With 10 locations in the USA, as well as over 100 locations across 50+ countries, you’re certain to find the perfect one for you!

#4: Office Evolution

Office Evolution
• Locations: 70+ in the USA
• Established: 2003
• Headquartered: Colorado, USA


Office evolution is the place for Dreamers, Risk-takers and Doers, and its foundational grounds state on the concept of ‘Ohana’ which in hawaiian means family, clan or tribe working towards a common goal. They have reached around 70 spaces across the USA based on a franchise model and the spaces are located primarily in key suburban markets across the country. They support small and medium sized businesses with its wide range of services like private offices, meeting rooms, virtual offices and coworking or shared office space (as they prefer to call it).

#5: Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Lab
• Locations: 30+ in the USA
• Established: 2011
• Headquartered: California, USA


With over 30 locations spread across the US, Serendipity Labs follows a pay-for-what-you-use model, where you can opt for personalized packages that suit your exact needs. Plus, they offer more privacy and security than what other coworking companies provide. For instance, amenities like a more secure IT infrastructure and frosted glass are common in a Serendipity Labs and businesses appreciate that. They also offer plenty of support to businesses and individuals to help them grow and develop. Whether it’s taking care of your organizational and administrative needs, or helping you foster productive, useful professional relationships, they’ve got you covered.

#6: Venture X

Venture X
• Locations: 48 in USA
• Established: 2012
• Headquartered: Miami


Venture X is home to a diverse group of small businesses, freelancers and tech start ups. With nearly 50 locations in the USA, and several others worldwide, they also have a broader collaborative network geared towards pushing organizations and individuals to succeed. They host regular events and parties to foster close relationships within their network of talented professionals. As their overall aim is to attract businesses towards coworking as a way to innovate through collaboration and tap into new markets, they offer a variety of flexible membership packages tailored to your organization’s needs. They also provide administrative and organizational support to enable you to focus solely on your business’s growth and development.

#7: Industrious Office

Industrious Office
• Location: 83 in USA
• Established: 2013
• Headquartered: New York, USA


The ability of coworking spaces to adapt to any situation is one of their key selling points – but the Industrious Office takes this to the next level. With month-to-month payment plans, you can easily switch between hot desks, dedicated desks, and a variety of personalized private offices to suit your specific needs. You can even book a private office for specific days that you feel like coming into an office-like environment! It specializes in hospitality-based amenities for users, including perks like free food and beverages. With over 100 locations across 50 cities in the US, you’re certain to find a package that suits you just right.

#8: Spaces

• Locations: 110 in the USA
• Established: 2008
• Headquartered: Luxembourg


With over 400 coworking spaces around the globe, and over 100 in the USA alone, Spaces certainly has a vast network that stimulates creativity and collaboration. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a remote worker, a start-up, or even a larger business, you’ll be able to tailor your membership package to ensure you get the perfect workspace you’re looking for. Their key differentiator is its large network and the possibility to access all the spaces with their flexible memberships, so users will always have the choice! Additionally, their facilities are top-notch and carefully curated to ensure you are able to consistently drive your business forward. For example, they have a business club for more casual working, fully equipped meeting rooms with food and beverage service so teams can stay focused, and a dedicated, experienced team to handle all your administrative and organizational needs.

#9: WeWork

• Location: 250 spaces in USA
• Established: 2010
• Headquarters: New York, USA


With over 250 coworking spaces across the USA, as well as 800 international locations, WeWork has certainly made a strong name for themselves and have created a unique brand. They offer a range of perks and other benefits to improve your work experience, including but not limited to, mothers’ and wellness rooms, espresso bars, free parking and bicycle storage, and even fitness centres! Plus, they have an inclusive approach that promotes a diverse and vibrant environment, perfect for networking and making new connections. They also offer a variety of packages and pricing models, so you’ll certainly find one that suits you.

#10: Regus

• Locations: 1078 spaces in the USA
• Established: 1989
• Headquartered: Luxembourg


With an extensive network of over 1000 spaces in the USA, and approximately 3000 spaces in 120 countries around the globe, Regus is definitely the largest network of coworking spaces and serviced offices in the world and the first one in this business. Whether you’d like to work casually from a hot-desk in an open plan space, or prefer a private office for your team to work in full peace and tranquility, they’ll be able to accommodate you. Their high-quality equipment gives off the impression of a traditional office, but their warm, inviting shared spaces help enhance the collaborative atmosphere. Plus, being a member at Regus means being a member of the global brand, enabling you to access various perks such as an international business lounge as well as airport lounge access.

So there you have it – the top 10 largest coworking networks in the USA! If you’d like to book a coworking space for yourself or your team, contact us at FLYDESK and we’ll help you find the one that better fits your needs.

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