Top 10 largest coworking space networks in Asia

With a rapidly growing coworking industry and remote work trend, many companies have not only risen to the challenge but also exceeded the expectations bearing world-class amenities, wide areas, and large networks. Here are 10 largest coworking space networks in Asia that we hope could help you decide where to start your coworking journey.


1 – The Hive

This is one of Asia Pacific’s leading co-working spaces around. It’s also one of the most recognized flexible workspace networks and you can find it around easily. There are a total of 20 gorgeous coworking spaces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia.

All of the coworking spaces of The Hive are cozy, casual, community focused, and are strategically located. That will ensure that even if you’re just visiting the area, you can get your work done in no time in a workspace that lets you work comfortably. It started in Hong Kong in 2012 which aims to create a nice co-working space that feels like your second home. Now, it has grown in numbers that will help freelancers and remote workers to keep on working. 


2 – WeWork

It is a type of co-working space that will provide the community and services that you need as a remote worker. They want people to make a living. WeWork has different locations not just in Asia but as well as different cities around the globe starting from the USA.

It’s a good place to rent a space for those people who want to mingle with other remote workers. This place has a friendly environment that will provide you many networking opportunities. It will allow you to get your work done and meet a variety of people with similar goals as you.


3 – The Executive Center

The workspaces that The Executive Center offers are not a one size fits all. They are making sure to provide an exclusive workspace depending on your preferences. No matter what size your company has, you can get an excellent experience with their premium workspaces and serviced offices. 

You can also find a tailor-made office space with their enterprise solutions. In addition to that, they have a wide range of business services so that you can maximize your stay and focus on your core business. And you can also grow your network with some like-minded people around this coworking environment.


4 – JustCo

It’s a holistic workspace solution that offers maximum flexibility for remote workers. JustCo provides immediate access to an expansive network within 9 cities and 40 offices across the Asia Pacific with its origins in Singapore. Whatever your business size and shape may be, you will have an excellent workspace that can cater to your company. 

This coworking company believes in the future of work. It assists with different hybrid offices around. They support companies who want to adopt a remote working set up. The smart co-working space is designed to provide better flexibility for your employees and your business. It’s a thriving community that allows you to network.


5 – Servcorp

This coworking space is one of the world’s finest workspace solutions that you can find. Servcorp is currently operating in 22 countries and 44 cities around the world. It has a total of more than 140 locations globally. There are some locations around Asia as well that makes it more accessible for different businesses.

Their history is very interesting since it has been said to start in a single piece of chalk. The founder Al Mouffiage divided their corner office in 1978. Servcorp was then born and its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia. From then on, the company grew and was able to reach Asia to provide workspace solutions for other companies.


6 – Compass Offices

Compass offices started from the company’s desire to help businesses to focus on their goals. It will provide your company assistance to have an excellent working space that you need. They have evolved from being a client and became the support of serviced offices. You can make sure that they apply what they have experienced from the past as clients. 

This serviced office provider used their dissatisfaction to create a better workspace solution for other businesses. It started in 2009 in Hong Kong and continues to grow. They are now operating with 30 centers and serving more than 11,000 clients. It provides flexible workspaces to cater to the needs of their clients in this modern world.


7 – The Work Project

Widely acclaimed and awarded by Forbes as one of the top 5 most beautiful serviced offices in the world, The Work Project is setting new standards in workplace design. A place known for design that not only looks beautiful but works great too. 

With 1 location in HK and 6 locations in Singapore, it is one of the leaders in Asia. It is the preferred place of MNC’s and high growth companies who are increasingly looking for flexible office terms and satellite offices. 

At The Work Project you can work, meet and host, it offers the whole range of services your business needs, no matter the size of it. Besides the standard offer of desks, private office and meeting rooms, TWP offers collaboration space, classroom and workshop rooms, lounges, event spaces and a VIP business club ‘the Marq’ that will impress your clients and will bring your business to the next level.


8 – Garage Society

Garage Society provides flexible workspace solutions. It will help remote workers and business owners to use their strength as a company. They will first learn about the individual or the business to tailor the service that they need. That will allow anyone to work smarter and get the job done with ease. 

They have unique locations, style, and community that you will find a good fit. Garage Workspace offers coworking spaces, private offices, and custom spaces. It will provide you with a customized experience that will fit your workstyle. 


9 – The Great Room

They are strategically located in major cities to provide easy access to those who need them. Each site can be found in prime city spots around the Asia Pacific region. It will help individuals and business owners to find them without the hassle. They operate in several cities around Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. 

The Great Room offers a wide range of flexible workspace solutions. If you have a fast-growing company and need the entire floor, you’re looking at the right place. It’s also for entrepreneurs who are looking for an excellent hot desk environment with premium amenities and chic spaces. This company also spoils you with great attention to details to ensure you achieve every bit of business goal you have.

10 – IWG with Regus & Spaces

IWG is one of the largest workspace networks globally with brands like Regus, Spaces and N.18. They are identified as the leader in the coworking / serviced office industry alongside WeWork. IWG focuses mainly on enterprise solutions and will help your company to embrace flexible working and provide you with the workspace your employees will need.

Members work inside the Spaces co-working office, operated by IWG Plc, in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. As investor doubts mount in the run-up to a potential initial public offering for WeWork parent We Co., shares of Swiss rival IWG have been on a tear this year, adding more than $500 million to the net worth of founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Dixon. Photographer: Alberto Bernasconi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It offers thousands of workspaces worldwide for your team to get the job done and global access via their memberships. You can also reserve a dedicated desk or even a drop-in and hot desk for your privacy. It will provide new possibilities for your business and help your company growth.


These are just some of the many choices in the Asian region. From inspiring and casual spaces, more likely to pleased the startup community, to premium networks of coworking spaces for more established startups and medium and big corporations looking for design and comfort. There is an option for each budget. If you are looking for one in your city, browse through FLYDESK’s list of coworking spaces, shared desks, and serviced office spaces, or reach out to us if you need further assistance.

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