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Top flexible working articles in 2021

2020 – the year where we hoped it was all temporary, proved us all wrong in 2021, with the pandemic being a constantly evolving phenomenon. The multiple variants, the constant changes in regulations and not to mention the fear of uncertainty certainly affected all of us in some way or the other. This also extends to the way we work, with new trends surfacing and the realization that things do not have to be done ‘the traditional way’. Let’s take a trip to memory lane of 2021 hybrid work trends in the articles featured in this listicle.

1. The 6 biggest lessons about work from 2021 (BBC)

The pandemic has been tough on every one – and this includes companies who were forced to adapt to the evolving situation of the pandemic. With companies rolling out strict lockdown policies, at one point almost everyone was forced to switch to a work from home lifestyle. This article by Meredith Turits in BBC lists down how the way we work has changed because what employees want now has changed too. Flexible work, increase in benefits such as Mental Health days, and more. At the same time, what makes this piece interesting is how it emphasizes how hybrid work is nowhere near perfect at the present moment but in hopes of finding answers soon as we move on to 2022. Check out the article for more insight!

2. Why hybrid workplace pilots are taking off (JLL)

One of the workplace trends that 2021 accelerated was the rise of hybrid workplaces. This article by JLL provides further analysis on how companies are testing and piloting with new hybrid work models It also talks about how it is important to gather employee’s opinion as the hybrid workplace ‘personas’ varies according to the cohort of employees. 

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3. How the pandemic transformed the world of work in 2021 (The Guardian)

A very apt title for the ‘new normal’ brought about by the pandemic – this article explores the way it changed the way we work – both the good, the bad and the ugly. The article provides an evaluation of remote working and flexible work structures and how it has worked out for a lot of people, but there are still concerns that came about such as loss of pay, retrenchments as well as the start of the ‘Great Resignation.’

One of the points that was talked about in the article was with regards to the ‘working week’ and how it now has a new meaning with the pandemic. With employees having the flexibility to choose which days to work, and which days to report to the office, it could be a bit difficult to keep track. Our FLYDESK App’s ‘Planning on the Week’ feature is your perfect companion to help you with that, along with many other features for your hybrid work needs!

4. How companies around the world are shifting the way they work (BBC)

This article takes us on a trip around the world and gives us a few examples of how companies in different countries cope with the changes brought about by the pandemic. It is a very comprehensive piece and can provide you with some insight on how companies make their decisions and the rationale behind it.

For example, some companies have switched to fully remote, some have explored the options of using hybrid hubs and workspaces, offering employees the flexibility of working from home or reporting to the office. It is always great to hear perspectives from employers themselves as well as the progress of the policies they have implemented, so give this article a read to know more.

5. Preparing For The Future Of Work: Deloitte’s Michael Stephan On The Top Five Trends To Watch In The Future Of Work (Medium)

This piece is an interview with Michael Stephan, US Human Capital National Managing Partner for Deloitte Consulting conducted by Phil La Duke. It is an interesting read which gathers Stephan’s perspective on the Future of Work. The interview discusses Stephan’s views on the major disruptions in work over the next 10-15 years, where the majority of the workforce will be made of millennials and Gen Z, the importance of upskilling and reskilling by employers and what they can offer to employees with great resignation leading to the jobseekers’ market as well as a rundown on the top 5 trends to watch out for in the future of work.

6. The Offices of the Future Have Arrived — and Here’s What They Look Like (LinkedIn)

In this LinkedIn article by Laura Hilgers, it takes us deeper into hybrid workspaces by providing examples of actual offices who have implemented it in their workplace. The article provides examples from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Dropbox with how they made use of the hybrid work options for their employees. It also highlights the importance of being able to implement the hybrid workplaces as it actually provides a competitive advantage in this era. Read the article to explore the examples!

7. Hybrid work: 5 trends to watch (The Enterprisers Project)

This article by Stephanie Overby on The Enterprisers Project lists down the trends that workplace leaders should keep a lookout for with regards to hybrid work – an area that the working world is new to. The points that are discussed in this article are related to productivity and output, automation-enabled resilience, mental health and anxiety, work-style variety and having extreme transparency. On those 2 last ones the FLYDESK app might play an important role, as it will allow your team to have a flex schedule and provide the necessary transparency for the team.

8. 14 Tech And Work Style Trends That Will Soon Influence The Workplace (Forbes)

This write-up by Forbes features predictions from 14 industry leaders from Forbes Technology Council for the developments that businesses should be ready for sooner rather than later. These trends range from hybrid work arrangements and tools, digitalisation of processes, usage of virtual realities and virtual communication, and many more. These insights from the industry leaders are useful to keep up with the constantly evolving trends at work, especially in this new normal – so do give this article a read!

9. Gen Z and millennials actually want the same things at work. But Gen Z has the upper hand. (Business Insider)

We all know the next generation of workforce will be predominantly Gen Z – and that new generation is approaching very soon. In this article by Business insider, we can explore what millenials and Gen Z want in the workplace, which are flexibility, mental health benefits and work life balance. The change comes in both of their attitudes towards work – especially due to the difference in economic and social realities both the generations grew up in. Particularly, with remote-working and hybrid work models taking into effect with the pandemic, it is the realization that things do not have to be done the ‘traditional’ way which gives the younger Gen Z the upper hand. Find out more insights and findings in the article!

2021 has definitely given us many great lessons and takeaways about the realities of the world and the changes our workplace has to go through to cope. We hope these articles provide you with further insight on the trends in hybrid working and the future of work for 2021, as well as a quick recap to prepare for what’s to come in 2022.

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